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Yesterday was the first day of a new semester for me at the University of Missouri’s Journalism school. As I sat in my first class and the professor went through the niceties of introductions, he recited his resume for us. It was very depressing that about 80% of the publications he had worked as a […]

Last week, amidst conducting my very first content analysis research, writing a paper on major Christian magazines, and setting up my future professional project I need to complete in order to graduate, I made a decision against my better judgment to accept a story assignment for Jefferson City Magazine. I write for them once in […]

Hola, all! Seeing as I’m already three posts behind my dear friend Ash, I had better get started. It’s Char, the other blogger behind tea@elevensies, and this is the part of the blog where I explain what you will find when you read my posts. Since I’m a connoisseur of the list, here is the […]