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As someone who just had to survive a semester of Magazine Editing and relearning all of the grammar rules we so often take for granted, I found this cartoon and the ten others at and felt compelled to share it with you: via Go here to see all ten. You will not be […]

We’re inching closer and closer to the Christmas season (okay, barreling headfirst on jet propulsion is more accurate, if your life is anything like mine right now). Can you feel the excitement? Oh yeah. Christmas, I cannot WAIT for you this year! In the spirit, the lovely Jessica over at Wayside Violet asked me to […]

Who in the world writes this strip, and how did they infiltrate every design place I’ve ever worked for??? Story of my life! Amazing.

They were too legit to quit.

I am digging Design*Sponge‘s new feature by Amy Merrick “Living In,” where she lists furniture, clothes, and accessories that you put you in your favorite movie/TV show. How many times have you simply wanted to just live in the world of your favorite characters? For me, all the flippin time. The world of Atonement is […]

made me smile


File this away under “Pretty Awesome”. Twitter birdhouse by Meninos here.

Etsy seller GooseGrease is super well known in the blogging world for their adoh-orable wedding cake toppers. How delighted was I to see that they also created this: Epic battle of the ages….in checkers!! Made my heart beat even faster when I found out you could buy a blank set and create your own! People […]

Four weeks ago Ash and I decided to partake in a blogosphere workout challenge at These Little Moments. We each made goals and plans of how to reach those goals in four weeks. Every Wednesday we were to comment on These Little Moments with our progress as a way to be accountable and find support […]

I think I’ve confessed here before that wedding blogs are my guilty pleasure. Gorgeous flowers, handcrafted diy, and some personal stories are my medicine of choice, thank you very much. And for a variety of reaasons, I just HAD to share Hollin and Eric’s wedding. It’s been making the blog rounds as of late (hello […]

Curtis CSS


Hello all, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of moving…and I am so high on excitement and exhaustion. And I absolutely can’t wait to show you around my little bungalow. Hopefully soon! Anywho, I’m just quickly popping in to say: A typeface made completely from CSS?? I am….beyond astounded. Each […]