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Remember this remix of Alice in Wonderland from a while back? Someone at DisneyPixar (someone BRILLIANT) realized this genius, Pogo, existed, and they’ve released an official remix of Up. And it’s just as fab as his other work: (Watch a beautiful, hi-res version here.) Are we starting to enter an era in media where large […]

It’s no secret that Char and I both love ourselves some Swell Season. Chances are if you saw Once, you do too. What is it about their music that has the power to grip you right around the heart? I’m sitting at my desk, tears streaming down my face after listening to this new, mind […]

In this video clip from last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and his team of “reporters” give their take on the pundits who constantly have the need to analyze and spin every shred of political information and even the most seemingly insignificant event. The set up to their interpretation is a tad […]

A movie made by a bunch of fellow apu grads. Essentially, made of win. Even if you don’t watch horror movies. Happy Halloween, everybody!

I just want to give Levi props for making me like Walt Whitman. After trudging through Whitman’s long-winded, dense poetry in my college American literature class, I was of the belief that Whitman was extremely overrated. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate him for giving us the free verse, but I also appreciate poetry I […]

Anyone else need a laugh these days? Fall has brought emo tendencies and lots of stress at school and work as the end-of-semester projects and holiday shopping season approaches. I’m thinking about taking a break to go see this movie (plus a billion others I want to see right now including Where the Wild Things […]

Just couldn’t pass up posting this incredible bit of typographic greatness, all from an undergrad friend of mine, Paul. He’s currently taking a typography class at Art Center…and let’s be honest, I would give a few fingers to be in this class. It looks…insane, in every good way. Caslon, as drawn on a chalkboard by […]

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Today seemed to be a crappy day not only for me but everyone. It seems like everyone I met today was having a hard time of it. Nothing was going right. My travel mug was cracked so I couldn’t have my coffee, which always puts a bad spin on the day. I was late getting […]

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There’s something so simultaneously wonderful and excruciating about video art.* Right now, I am absolutely beyond in love with the Take Away Shows on La Blogotheque. The basic premise takes artists out of the recording room, off the stage, and into a completely unpolished environment. Freight elevators, street corners, warehouses, a crowd of hundreds…anywhere is […]

Working as a freelancer of any kind? Want to get your business off the ground and flying? Well this friendly YouTube dude is totally willing to help. Here’s his qualified, expert opinion on what makes your business great, from the surface level on down to…well…okay so just at surface level. But it’s free advice so, […]