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But don’t worry, we’re not going far! Just update your links to (just drop the wordpress…we’re moving to our own fancy new domain). Along with the move, we’ve got the new site design dropping, which we’ve absolutely been waiting on pins and needles to reveal! It’s got a heavy focus on typography, and a […]

Guys, do you know why web design is the hardest thing EVER for me? Because getting from BRILLIANT CONCEPT I SMOOSH TO PIECES WITH LOVE (step 1) all the way to VOILA COME IN USERS (step 5 billion, give or take) takes forever long. And by the time I reach step 5 billion, I always […]

We’re inching closer and closer to the Christmas season (okay, barreling headfirst on jet propulsion is more accurate, if your life is anything like mine right now). Can you feel the excitement? Oh yeah. Christmas, I cannot WAIT for you this year! In the spirit, the lovely Jessica over at Wayside Violet asked me to […]

Can you freaking wrap your minds around this concept, folks — we’ve now got ONE HUNDRED posts under our belt! It’s not everyday a blog publishes it’s 100th so we decided to use the landmark post as a compilation of our best. If we were a band, this would be our first greatest hits album. […]

Any tea@elevensies office would HAVE to have one of these on the wall! Vintage flair + internet charm, according to the product description. This marquee-lighted decor comes in a variety of other initials, from Urban Outfitters. The pricetag is kind of high, but I’ll bet Char and I could diy our own without tooooo much […]

Oooh man, guys. There are some exciting things brewing behind the scenes of tea@elevensies!! As you’ve already seen, Char has written the first post for one of our brand-spankin new weekly features, Favorite Thing Fridays. But keep your hats on, kids, because another weekly feature will be premiering tomorrow at 10am! I know, I know! […]

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Print by madebygirl via geeksugar Need I say more? I can’t imagine a more perfect print for this blog! If Char and I worked out of an office together, this would SO be hanging on the wall!! Love.

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blueberry tart by slow like honey Stay safe, and find something new in your life worth appreciating.

Hola, all! Seeing as I’m already three posts behind my dear friend Ash, I had better get started. It’s Char, the other blogger behind tea@elevensies, and this is the part of the blog where I explain what you will find when you read my posts. Since I’m a connoisseur of the list, here is the […]

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Hello hello, world. This is Ash, one of the bloggers here at tea@elevensies. Can I just say that I am tickled pink that you are reading this right now? Just by being here, you have earned yourself +10 karma points. Pretty sweet, right? So, let’s get to the good stuff! What can you expect to […]