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Remember this remix of Alice in Wonderland from a while back? Someone at DisneyPixar (someone BRILLIANT) realized this genius, Pogo, existed, and they’ve released an official remix of Up. And it’s just as fab as his other work: (Watch a beautiful, hi-res version here.) Are we starting to enter an era in media where large […]

…white, milk, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Free lunch. Looking forward to a jazz club for happy hour. Having spent a weekend with loved ones. Choosing to smile.

What has two thumbs, and is excited that Lost is coming back??? THIS GIRL!! (I’m pointing both thumbs at myself. I know you can’t see it. I promise I am. Well, i was before I continued typing. Anywhoodle.) Here are two awwwwesome links for Losties who, like me, are about to jump out of their […]

lovely neutrals


A few of my favorite things…all wrapped up in soft, calm neutrals. Sources: 1, 2/3/7, 4, 5/6 The sun just poked it’s head out for the first time in a few days — just in time to light the clouds on fire.

Guys, do you know why web design is the hardest thing EVER for me? Because getting from BRILLIANT CONCEPT I SMOOSH TO PIECES WITH LOVE (step 1) all the way to VOILA COME IN USERS (step 5 billion, give or take) takes forever long. And by the time I reach step 5 billion, I always […]

It’s no secret that Char and I both love ourselves some Swell Season. Chances are if you saw Once, you do too. What is it about their music that has the power to grip you right around the heart? I’m sitting at my desk, tears streaming down my face after listening to this new, mind […]

Well everybody, new years wishes are in order!! I hope your holidays were memorable and refreshing. Impromptu poll: do you call the new year two thousand-and-ten or twenty-ten? Five years ago, back when I was blogging in the good old world of livejournals, I stumbled across a meme that provides a catalog of the last […]

As I’m sure is true for you, there’s been lots of going-ons in life. Sometimes, I feel like this is the first real holiday season I’ve ever been really present for. Over the past few years, I’ve reached the end of November with a bit of surprise, as each time I feel like my capacity […]

today I…


made this: and laughed myself silly over this: via Paste Magazine Happy Thursday…and back to work for Ash.

We’re inching closer and closer to the Christmas season (okay, barreling headfirst on jet propulsion is more accurate, if your life is anything like mine right now). Can you feel the excitement? Oh yeah. Christmas, I cannot WAIT for you this year! In the spirit, the lovely Jessica over at Wayside Violet asked me to […]