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…white, milk, and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Free lunch. Looking forward to a jazz club for happy hour. Having spent a weekend with loved ones. Choosing to smile. Advertisements

The lack of posting here at tea@elevensies has not been without good reason. John and I brought home a new dog! Roskoe now has a little sister, and it has been a week and ups and downs with these two. Lucy is a puggle (pug/beagle) that we adopted from the Humane Society in Sedalia, Missouri. […]

Today I applied for two honest-to-goodness journalism jobs far far away from here and came super close to getting a new dog. I am bored, and I can feel my brain turning to mush. I know I should blog, but I have nothing to blog about, nothing interesting enough worthy of tea@elevensies. Without school, my […]

You should really go out and buy She & Him’s CD Volume One. Once you’ve bought it, put it in a good old fashioned CD player (like the huge one I had in my bedroom at the beginning of the decade when I was a freshmen in high school), turn it up loud and make […]

It’s been three weeks and the beard is coming in nicely. I know it doesn’t look much different from last week’s, but we’ve hit that point in the beard growth where results do not show as much, just like where I’m at in my novel, the middle where no matter how many words you type […]

Last week, amidst conducting my very first content analysis research, writing a paper on major Christian magazines, and setting up my future professional project I need to complete in order to graduate, I made a decision against my better judgment to accept a story assignment for Jefferson City Magazine. I write for them once in […]

Again, the picture is late, but it was taken on Monday so this is one week of facial hair growth. I blame my late posting on the fact that I was writing a paper until 6 am this morning. It’s been hectic. My plethora of papers is putting a damper on my NaNoWriMo novel as […]

Four years ago, I was standing in a parking lot at night, having a conversation with someone that would change my life. This person I was with had met me on the first day of our college classes, and he would be there for nearly every day between then and graduation. Four years ago, Mr. […]

So we’re a few days into No Shave November, but I wanted to post a before picture of John’s baby-smooth face. I promise this picture was taken on Saturday, October 31, which was the day John shaved. Everything went, stubble and soul patch. I haven’t seen John’s face that naked in a looooong time, at […]

November seems like the month to make quirky commitments. Enter No Shave November and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). John has been a No Shave November enthusiast since I’ve known him, about five years. For him though, No Shave November turns into No Shave Winter or Let’s See How Long I Can Go Without Shaving […]