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Remember this remix of Alice in Wonderland from a while back? Someone at DisneyPixar (someone BRILLIANT) realized this genius, Pogo, existed, and they’ve released an official remix of Up. And it’s just as fab as his other work: (Watch a beautiful, hi-res version here.) Are we starting to enter an era in media where large […]

Um…yeah. Are you as excited as I am? I think not. This news is everywhere: New York Times, Variety, New York Post, CNN,,, and more. According to the, David O. Russell is slated to direct and possibly write the movie, but my favorite thing: Natalie Portman is producing and starring as Elizabeth […]

Anyone else need a laugh these days? Fall has brought emo tendencies and lots of stress at school and work as the end-of-semester projects and holiday shopping season approaches. I’m thinking about taking a break to go see this movie (plus a billion others I want to see right now including Where the Wild Things […]

Everybody hold onto your hats…this is a crazy cool little find that has me super stoked. These images are from a pop-up shop at space 15 twenty, as fabulously shot by Kitsune Noir. There are plenty more awesome images at his blog. The exhibition is located here in LA, and I’m gonna have to try […]

Using the time-honored method of writing down your names, throwing them in a hat, and scrabbling around in there with eyes closed, we have picked our very first winners of our very first giveaway! Stacey! Like Char, she’s picked Frost/Nixon as one of her first choices, and will be following it up with a bevy […]

We can’t be the only ones, right? You see a preview for a movie that looks amaazing. You think to yourself, I can’t wait to see that one! You note the release date in your head. You immediately forget the release date. Two weeks after the release date, you realize that amaazing movie is in […]

We went straight from Harry Potter Week to Quirky Movie Week at the Atchley household. Since Saturday, we’ve watched Once, You Kill Me, and Garden State. On the list of other movies to watch this week include Fight Club and Dear Frankie. The thing that makes quirky/indie movies great is how refreshing they are. They […]

If you couldn’t tell from the title of our blog and the unofficial Harry Potter Week, we like to obsess over our favorite books and movies. Pretty much anything that catches our fancy is fair game, so of course we were both standing in line with screaming teenagers (feeling old) at midnight on Wednesday morning […]

So, let’s talk some graphic design here, folks. And in honor of Harry Potter week here at tea@elevensies…let’s chat about the promotional work for it. Accio Photoshoppus! Filtero Maximo!

I think we should dub this the unofficially Harry Potter week here at tea@elevensies. Last night, Char and I both attended midnight premieres in our respective areas of the country (and YES, I was jealous that she got to see it two hours before I did! silly central time)…and I think it’s safe to say […]