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happy monday.


This morning, I took an incredible drive from the desert to LA. Sometimes it’s beautiful to get some sun in your eyes. Advertisements

I just want to give Levi props for making me like Walt Whitman. After trudging through Whitman’s long-winded, dense poetry in my college American literature class, I was of the belief that Whitman was extremely overrated. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate him for giving us the free verse, but I also appreciate poetry I […]

There’s a man who stands on the Vermont bridge over the 101 freeway: just him and his bike leaning up against the railing. And he holds signs for all the rush-hour drivers to see. Sometimes they’re specific (today’s was Jesus Our Savior), and sometimes they’re general (Never Give Up). Regardless of the message, I feel […]

Sometimes, you just have to get out of your own stupid little world sometimes. To realize lots of things that seem so important, that cause so much stress and anxiety, that weigh heavily on your mind, that rank high on your priority list…that some of these things are nothing more than dust in the wind. […]

I ran across a very interesting opinion piece today. Penned with a fearless, frank, and kinda snarky voice by Irish journalist Kevin Myers, be aware that sexuality and its relation to fashion is the focus of the article. We all know the givens when speaking of feminism and fashion: -Yes, the fashion world perpetuates images […]

My lack of frequent posting can be attributed to two things: closing my laptop more often too enjoy summer and finishing And the Band Played On by Randy Shilt, number one on my summer reading list. This is the part in the summer reading list posts where I tell you what I thought of it. […]

I don’t mean to get political, but I just think it’s fantastic that cookies were actually effective in getting a terrorist to talk! The story reminded me of my chocolate chip cookie post. Maybe I should donate my baking services to the CIA. “The most successful interrogation of an Al-Qaeda operative by U.S. officials required […]

In Toronto: I’ve always been amazed by the state of most flyerboxes. More often that not, they are empty. Some haven’t been filled in years. Yet, there they are: everywhere in the city- at every intersection. Taking up valuable sidewalk space. Some are supposed to offer free news and culture print publications that make revenue […]

air conditioning in my office caramel lattes getting to drive home tonight, and staying there for a while the Rolling Stones, who have made some seriously awesome music Mr. Ace, and the fun theater night we had yesterday flowers being blessed with work How about you?

I have the hardest time knowing what to call someone, especially now that I am an adult and am often considered a peer of people who were once in authority over me. I blame this on my upbringing. My dad was in the military, and while I never had to refer to anyone as ma’am […]