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lovely neutrals


A few of my favorite things…all wrapped up in soft, calm neutrals. Sources: 1, 2/3/7, 4, 5/6 The sun just poked it’s head out for the first time in a few days — just in time to light the clouds on fire. Advertisements



Hello all. I’m just barely surfacing here on the blogfront. My design firm has been working some severely insane hours over the last bit of time — no weekends, no life. I sleep, work work work work, and drive between the two places. On top of it all, the client we’re working for has been…well, […]

Just couldn’t pass up posting this incredible bit of typographic greatness, all from an undergrad friend of mine, Paul. He’s currently taking a typography class at Art Center…and let’s be honest, I would give a few fingers to be in this class. It looks…insane, in every good way. Caslon, as drawn on a chalkboard by […]

I think I’ve confessed here before that wedding blogs are my guilty pleasure. Gorgeous flowers, handcrafted diy, and some personal stories are my medicine of choice, thank you very much. And for a variety of reaasons, I just HAD to share Hollin and Eric’s wedding. It’s been making the blog rounds as of late (hello […]

Curtis CSS


Hello all, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of moving…and I am so high on excitement and exhaustion. And I absolutely can’t wait to show you around my little bungalow. Hopefully soon! Anywho, I’m just quickly popping in to say: A typeface made completely from CSS?? I am….beyond astounded. Each […]

la blogotheque


There’s something so simultaneously wonderful and excruciating about video art.* Right now, I am absolutely beyond in love with the Take Away Shows on La Blogotheque. The basic premise takes artists out of the recording room, off the stage, and into a completely unpolished environment. Freight elevators, street corners, warehouses, a crowd of hundreds…anywhere is […]

While doing some research for a work project (we’re coming up with key art for three primetime shows on NBC…cool stuff!), I came across these three sets of ads, and they were too good to not share! Who doesn’t love a conceptually interesting, well-executed campaign? “Watch it when you want to” for directv — “Your […]

As human beings, we are constantly transforming the spaces that surround us. For good and for ill, we bring great impacts with us wherever we go, from environmental change to redecorating the living room. How often, though, do we think about the conceptual reasons we change spaces? The transformation of a space can happen through […]

Well, I’ve officially been dubbed chart-girl at work. Apparently the bosses/clients really liked a chart or two I did a while back–and now almost everything that needs some visual and methodical organization finds its way to my desk. Hehe. Good thing I love making them too! While working my way through today’s (significant) pile and […]



I get so excited looking at future tech. Like, SO excited. The other day I stumbled onto WebDesigner Depot (quickly becoming one of my new favorite blogs) and their 100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts We Wish Were Real. Some are uber space-age, some are silly, and some are just pure brilliance. (The above laptop uses […]