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What has two thumbs, and is excited that Lost is coming back??? THIS GIRL!! (I’m pointing both thumbs at myself. I know you can’t see it. I promise I am. Well, i was before I continued typing. Anywhoodle.) Here are two awwwwesome links for Losties who, like me, are about to jump out of their […]

Finally! It happened! The haircut I’ve been waiting for for the last 14 months. Labor Day 2008 was John’s last haircut until Friday, Nov 20. What started as a fun experiment to see how long he could grow his hair turned into a Christmas present for his mom, a breast cancer survivor. He decided to […]

Last week, amidst conducting my very first content analysis research, writing a paper on major Christian magazines, and setting up my future professional project I need to complete in order to graduate, I made a decision against my better judgment to accept a story assignment for Jefferson City Magazine. I write for them once in […]

Four years ago, I was standing in a parking lot at night, having a conversation with someone that would change my life. This person I was with had met me on the first day of our college classes, and he would be there for nearly every day between then and graduation. Four years ago, Mr. […]

Kind of a cop-out answer, I know, but it’s true. There are so many great things about Friday! First of all, it’s payday! Friday is also the beginning of the glorious weekend for most people (not me, but most people). Favorite Thing Fridays is one of my favorite things to write on this blog. Friday […]

Changing seasons…cooling weather. Armwarmers are my new favorite discovery this season. I’ve never been much for mittens and gloves, as I’m a fairly tactile person and I hate feeling like my fingers can’t commune with the world. Obviously one can’t type, or blog, or write, or paint, or any number of wonderful things when one’s […]

I am digging Design*Sponge‘s new feature by Amy Merrick “Living In,” where she lists furniture, clothes, and accessories that you put you in your favorite movie/TV show. How many times have you simply wanted to just live in the world of your favorite characters? For me, all the flippin time. The world of Atonement is […]

Thursdays are my favorite night of television–Weekend Update Thursday, Parks and Recreation (which is getting better), The Office, Community and soon to start again 30 Rock. This is pretty much the only night of prime time that NBC seems to be getting right (FYI I am a big fan of Conan’s Tonight Show and parts […]

I cannot WAIT for Fall to hurry up and get here. I know, technically, the first day of Fall was this last week. But, oh how the southern California weather is disagreeing with the calendar!! It’s currently about five million degrees outside. And I am so. OVER. it. I’m basically a jeans and t-shirt girl, […]

My favorite thing this week is a blog I recently found called Jesus Needs New PR. It’s the blog of writer Matthew Paul Turner, author of the book Churched (which I really want to read). His blog is a hodgepodge of musings on God, fatherhood and popular culture. I love his honesty and the sense […]