Hallooo! And welcome to tea@elevensies, a blog about daily refreshing life and creative inspiration run by an artist/designer and a creative-writer/journalist. Thank you so much for visiting!

What’s in a name?

Elevenses is a meal commonly enjoyed by hobbits* between second breakfast and lunchtime. It is the hour of day when sunlight streams through windows, birds chorus merrily, and one’s hand feels quite more content holding a steaming cup of tea. Elevensies the blog is about capturing this feeling and recreating it at all times in life.

Whose drabblings are these?

Ashley Geiger and Charlotte Atchley are the creators and authors of this blog. The two became best buds in high school thanks to a very long van ride and some excruciating Calculus homework. Since then, their friendship has endured a long separation of 1800 miles and half a country (Ash in Southern California, and Char in Missouri). No sweat though, thanks to glorious things called road trips, airplanes, and the internet.

If this artist and this writer happened to be within a few feet of each other, whatever would we talk about? Probably the stuff in this blog. We hope you enjoy it too, and feel free to pour your own cup of tea and join in on the conversation.

>>learn more about ash
>>learn more about char

*If you are unfamiliar with the term hobbit, please see here. They are quite lovely people, and you should get to know one as soon as possible.


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