A lot of blabbering in order to say…NEW STUFF COMING OMG YAY?


Guys, do you know why web design is the hardest thing EVER for me?

Because getting from BRILLIANT CONCEPT I SMOOSH TO PIECES WITH LOVE (step 1) all the way to VOILA COME IN USERS (step 5 billion, give or take) takes forever long. And by the time I reach step 5 billion, I always completely fall out of love with whatever brilliant thing had happened eight months ago. Even when I was an itty bitty young-un (okay, 16) and spending all of my time in my room, on my laptop, designing designing websites websites websites*, I had this issue.

So, all that to say…I have some GOOD news. Plus meh news.

Good news! 5 billion steps ago, Char and I began working on a self-hosted, brand-spanking, wicked awesome new website for the blog. Without our buddy Joel and his so-much-appreciated lending of wordpressing skillz, it never would have happened.

But the site should be live in about a week! YAY GOOD NEWS.

Meh news is I am a million percent over the design we developed. So…once it opens I’ll be flailing my hands at you and begging you not to judge for a few more months as I revamp. Grin.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

*seriously. my mom thought I was going to die of lack of social skills. thanks for making me have friends over, mom! Ilu.

Also, after reading this entry, I think I am more prone to hyperbolic statements after reading copious amounts of dooce, attempting to design wedding invites for everyone and their mother except me, and hitting 11pm. Note there were two of those exaggerative statements in the last sentence, and your girl wasn’t even trying. Booyah!


2 Responses to “A lot of blabbering in order to say…NEW STUFF COMING OMG YAY?”

  1. Maybe next time we’ll push it out really fast… instead of dragging it out over months and months 🙂

  2. 2 stacey

    loooove dooce. 🙂

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