Introducing Lucy Ramona Atchley


The lack of posting here at tea@elevensies has not been without good reason. John and I brought home a new dog! Roskoe now has a little sister, and it has been a week and ups and downs with these two. Lucy is a puggle (pug/beagle) that we adopted from the Humane Society in Sedalia, Missouri.

On our way home from Sedalia.

We brought her home on Wednesday, and so far, this is what we know of her. Lucy was a stray wandering the streets of Sedalia when the town’s dog catcher found her and brought her to the humane society. Despite her “mean streets” background, she’s the best cuddlebug. Her happy place is snoozing in your lap. You cannot sit down in our house now unless you want a puggle using you as a lounge chair. She can jump 4 ft. in the air when excited (even when she’s in her kennel, which doesn’t end well for her). And she loves to go outside as evidence by the little hoppy dance she does when she knows you’re about to take her outside.

big bro teaching lil' sis how to spy on the neighborhood.

The transition of bringing her into our home has been an adventure. The shelter wouldn’t let us bring her home until she was spayed, so I introduced a puppy recovering from surgery to a puppy who loves to wrestle. That was tough trying to keep Roskoe from pinning her and listening to the cries of boredom from Roskoe, who was indignant that I wouldn’t let him play with his new little sister for three whole days. Today, however, the gloves were off. I’ve been letting Lucy gauge how she’s feeling in regards to her recovery, and today, she greeted me with the 4 ft. jumping we hadn’t seen since we first met at the shelter before we adopted her. She met Roskoe’s attacks with valor (since he’s got a good 10 lbs on her) and some fancy wrestling moves of her own. She even played some tug-o-war with him. In fact, I had to separate them because the wrestling wouldn’t stop. There was just a constant rolling and bouncing of two furballs following me everywhere I went! I couldn’t get anything done!

Thanks for letting me take the blogspace to introduce to you our latest addition to our family. I apologize for the poor quality of pictures. They’re from my iphone. My real camera is dead, and I can’t find the charger.


5 Responses to “Introducing Lucy Ramona Atchley”

  1. This only made my wanting a dog worse.
    When I start getting dog-crazy and annoying my husband I will tell him it’s your fault!!

    She is adorable! In that last pic they look sooo fake nice… like naughty kids you bribed into sitting nice for a family photo lol. I love it! And I also love that I never allowed anyone to call me Lucy! I probably would hate you and your dog if I had 😛

    Congrats on being a mommy again 😀

  2. Thanks! And I’ll gladly take the blame for making you dog crazy! And the third picture cracks me up too! I just turned around from the computer and saw them sitting like that. I wanted to close the curtain so the picture wouldn’t be so bright, but I was afraid if I moved they would too.

  3. 3 Grandpa

    I love looking at my Grandpuppies!

  4. 4 Kara "Sky" McGinty

    So cute! Glad Lucy and Roskoe are playing and getting along so well! Those two look like a ton of fun!


    My whole family and I died at the last picture.

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