officially bored


Today I applied for two honest-to-goodness journalism jobs far far away from here and came super close to getting a new dog.

I am bored, and I can feel my brain turning to mush.

I know I should blog, but I have nothing to blog about, nothing interesting enough worthy of tea@elevensies. Without school, my brain has gotten lazy and no new ideas have really flowed. How will I ever be able to maintain the mental sharpness of academia after I’ve escaped the prison that is known as college?

This is how this process happened. It was late at night. I wasn’t tired, but I had nothing better to do, so I stumbled onto and found an editor position for Paste Magazine. I was so mad when I saw the deadline for applying had passed that I looked for other cool ones and today applied for a job at Fine Cooking and a city magazine in North Carolina.

Not long after that I found myself at I’ve been there before when we weren’t looking to buy another dog and made it back safely without another pet, but last night was rough. I found two puggles and two King Charles Cavalier spaniels, two breeds I’m dying to own and these were at shelters, so they are cheaper than normal. How can I not pass these up even though John and I had previously decided to wait until summer to get Roskoe a sister? Attempts to contact the shelter with the preferred puggle, however, yielded no answers, and later tonight she was removed from Petfinder, so I’m thinking my e-mail reminded the shelter people to update their Petfinder listings. Sad 😦 I had really gotten my hopes up.

Despite the boredom, I’m not ready for school yet. I’m not ready for 10 credit hours and TAing. I’m not ready to officially solidify my plans for my professional project. I’m not ready for the hell that will be the last semester of full classes to start. I’m ready for it to be over but not to actually go through it. *sigh* I apologize for all the noise.

P.S. Roskoe will not stop “burying” his toys and bones in corners of the house and the act of burying is scratching up is nose to the point of being raw. Any ideas how to get him to stop?


2 Responses to “officially bored”

  1. 1 stacey

    i’m gonna say the key is consistently distracting him and breaking his habit… you can try just taking away toys for a few days, and he only gets one if you’re right there with him – no chance to bury them. that might be enough.

    if not, you can try using some form of aversion – spraying him with water or vinegar or listerine (whatever it is, mix it half and half with water), shaking a soda can with pennies in it, etc.

    the other option is keeping him on some sort of long line, like what you’d use for a horse. when he goes to bury a toy, give him a small “pop” on the leash. (the group i work with calls it a collar correction, you might know it by another name)

    good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks!

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