gifts for tea lovers


Did you notice what time of year it is? I’m really excited about what time of year it is. I love love love December and Christmas!!!! I love the weather (but only as long as I have Christmas to look forward to. Jan/Feb/March can go jump off a bridge), the warm clothes, the hot beverages, the immediate jump in coziness my house has endured, the food we eat, and buying people presents. I love making a person’s Christmas, finding them the perfect gift that let’s them know they are important to me. So in the holiday spirit of the blogosphere, here’s a gift guide specific to lovers of tea.

fern teapot via on sale for $15.95

Love it because it’s green and pretty, and you make tea in it!

cafe cup via $20

It’s pretty and keeps your tea warm!

Twining's tea box with or without various Twining's teas via $39.99-$49.99

Twinings is my favorite!

cookies via $21-$37.50

These are straight from the bakery that is behind the cookbook I love, Baked. They ship anywhere in the country, and you can order 6 or 12 chocolate chip, oatmeal, monster or assorted. I’d go with assorted or chocolate chip, but that’s just me.


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