Favorite Thing Friday: Jefferson City Magazine


Last week, amidst conducting my very first content analysis research, writing a paper on major Christian magazines, and setting up my future professional project I need to complete in order to graduate, I made a decision against my better judgment to accept a story assignment for Jefferson City Magazine. I write for them once in a while for clips, experience, a little extra moolah, but hardly ever during the semester because I get so bogged down with papers, grading and work, but when Jennifer Bondurant, editor of Jefferson City Magazine, emailed me a story assignment about local businesses using Twitter and other social media, I had to have, partially because of the subject and partially because of the word count and dollar worth of the article. I’m so thankful that I didn’t listen to the voice in my head telling me I was overloading myself.

Even though I’m studying media and journalism every day, I haven’t practiced journalism in a couple of months, and in all the horror that is graduate school, I had forgotten why in the world I’m here and pursuing this ridiculous education. Working on this story has reminded me how much I love journalism. I love learning new things, meeting new people, doing the research,  even coming up with the right questions. I love the delicacy of getting interviews, finding innovative ways to get information that I know is out there, but I just can’t get to. And when all the interviews and research is done, I love writing it all out in a beautiful 500-800 words spread that will later be gutted and then improved by an editor. And then I love seeing my name in print. It’s almost better than getting paid…almost.

I love my job, but I need to know more and get better before I go out there in the real world. I want to do this right and become the best I can. That’s why I’m still in school. I just needed to be reminded that I actually do love the thing I’m studying. Sometimes when you’re stuck in a classroom arguing about cultivation theory and framing and media effects, you start to forget that oh yeah, this is fun. So thank you Jennifer Bondurant and Jefferson City Magazine for reminding me that I really do like my job.


10 Responses to “Favorite Thing Friday: Jefferson City Magazine”

  1. 1 Kara "Sky" McGinty

    That’s great, Char! I’m glad you were reminded of your love for journalism! That’s the stuff of great dreams and motivation! 😀

  2. I know exactly how you feel. As an MFA student in creative writing, sitting in literature classes while being insulted by MA students(on occassion) and writing more papers than fiction, it’s so easy to forget: oh wait I’m a fiction writer, or I love writing short stories. This is especially true as you really get cracking on your thesis which takes up your life. I’m curently writing a novel for my thesis and I’ve noticed it’s so easy to forget how much I love writing . This happens when you give your whole self to a project that feels bigger than you. You taking that writing assignment was smart. What’s the point of doing school if you can’t remember how much you love your craft? I wish you the best.

    One final bone, you said seeing your name in print is almost as good as getting paid; there I have to disagree with you. I think seeing your name in print is way better. Remember you’re immortal now. Have a great weekend.

    • Okay, i concede the byline is better than the cash. I couldn’t imagine ghost writing for someone.
      Are you taking part in National Novel Writing Month? I am despite my workload, and it’s provided a fun distraction to all my work, reminded me that I really can write fiction, and has gotten me in the habit of writing almost every day.

  3. No, but I might have to participate in order to get my rough draft to my thesis chair on time. I have two papers to write and some student papers to grade and then my thesis is my only focus.

    My whole life I never realized how hard writing a novel is. You go to Barnes and Noble, there it is done. Two years later another book from the same author appears done and on the shelf ready for you to read. I didn’t realize there was so much agony, crying, and torture involved. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I signed myself to write a novel. Oh well, too late to change my mind now, plus something compels me to write the story.

    • The biggest thing with the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days has been retooling my brain to not worry about the quality. It isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be if I don’t try to make it perfect. I just type. And if you just type, 1,667 words a day isn’t bad. I am hitting a rough spot right now because I’m in the middle so the plot is slowing down, so all of this “It’s not as difficult as I though” might fly out of the window this weekend. I know where the story is going. I’m just having problems getting to the next point.

  4. 7 Kendra

    i love watching you pursue your dream…..and falling in love with that dream more and more. i love you!

  5. 9 Ian Scott Paterson

    I love these. It makes me want to start something just different enough on my blog that it doesn’t seem like a blatant rip-off.

    But really it will be — Ian

  6. Can’t wait to see the article. Be nice ! Let me know if I can help with another story. I have another 18 months in office and then I will slip into (more) obscurity.

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