A Little Man Lovin’


Char and I are both ladies. Pretty obvs as you swing through just a few posts on our blog. But guys, you know it: the month of November is all about you! From the silly movements (like No Shave November)* to the serious (it’s Movember, didja know?), this month is all about embracing the masculine in this good old world.

Char is documenting her hubby’s No-Shave-November progress (the first is over here), but what about the ladies who love our men and want to support in other ways? No fear: I’ll be popping in throughout the month with a few mustached centric goodies that even us women can get in on! Without, you know, actually growing any.

So whether you’re the type of girl who simply enjoys the novelty of the idea, or if you wish to express solidarity for a significant other/buddy/bro/dad who is taking the month to grow a wacktacular bit of facial hair, or if you’re a dude who just cannot get enough of staches on your own, there are plenty of ways for you to celebrate.

Here’s a good starter: man up your compy with the Stache Screen Saver. Simply attach a sweet stache to your monitor and let the screen saver do the rest. Brilliant, hilarious, and oh so manly.

And just a reminder: ladies aren’t the only ones who should do timely checkups. Gents, be sure to check yourselves out and stay cancer free! Check out Movember for lots of great info.

*Okay okay, I know some of you gents (yeah, MANY of you gents) would take issue with the statement that beard-growing is silly. I realize it’s a very serious business. Just…not as serious as cancer. You get my drift. 🙂 No offense was intended to your honorable hair growing.


2 Responses to “A Little Man Lovin’”

  1. 1 Tommy

    My beard is in full swing. Granted i had a head start, but I’m no longer trimmin’. Maybe at the end I’ll celebrate with a mustache 🙂

  2. I’m celebrating Novembeard 🙂

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