Superheroes in 1944


They were too legit to quit.






via splashnology


5 Responses to “Superheroes in 1944”

  1. I think the Darth Vader and Spiderman ones are the best!

    • I laughed for about five minutes at the Darth Vader one. The axis of evil is complete.

      Or was that WWI? My history knowledge has suffered greatly since finishing high school.

      • I think it was WW2, but no one in the axis of evil is present in that picture. Wasn’t it Japan, Germany and Italy? Or is the axis of evil purely the contemporary Iraq, Iran and North Korea?

    • Why can we not comment four deep on this template? Oy.

      Seriously though, that is hilarious. I totally didn’t look close enough and just assumed it was evil folk since Darth was in the picture. Whooops. That’s what I get for posting fast while at work.

      I think, therefore: wherever Darth goeth, the true galactic axis of evil follows.

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