The Last Clean-Shaven Day


So we’re a few days into No Shave November, but I wanted to post a before picture of John’s baby-smooth face. I promise this picture was taken on Saturday, October 31, which was the day John shaved. Everything went, stubble and soul patch. I haven’t seen John’s face that naked in a looooong time, at least a year, maybe more. He even had a soul patch on our wedding day (this was pre-approved by me. i left that decision up to him. note how generous of a bride i was.).


John refused to smile to maintain more consistency among the pictures.

I’ll be posting one picture every Monday for the month of November, chronicling the life cycle of John’s beard. If the beard growing lasts longer than November, I’ll post another picture the day he shaves it off so you can see the final product in all it’s glory, but I won’t make you suffer through a weekly play-by-play past the official month of no shaving.

As far as novel writing is concerned, I am right on schedule so far. Fingers are crossed that I keep it up. I try to write a little more than I need to every night so that I can stay ahead just in case I need to take a day off. You can follow my progress at the NaNoWriMo site or my Twitter feed for a more play-by-play action of the drama, agony and up-to-date word counts.


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