Favorite Thing Friday: Fridays


Kind of a cop-out answer, I know, but it’s true. There are so many great things about Friday! First of all, it’s payday! Friday is also the beginning of the glorious weekend for most people (not me, but most people). Favorite Thing Fridays is one of my favorite things to write on this blog. Friday also was always the night for dinner out and movies at the movie theater, two of my favorite things!  And Friday is the official day of unwinding from all the crap the week dumped on you. I think that’s why so many people go out to eat on a Friday night. Food and friends can be very therapuetic.

I love Fridays so much because it’s the closest thing to a day of rest I have. Monday through Thursday I get up early to drive thirty minutes to go to class. I’m in constant work mode: drive, class, drive, hw, dinner, hw, Daily Show, bed, repeat. Saturday, I get up early and go to work, come home, eat dinner and work on homework. Sunday, I (usually) get up to go to church, eat lunch, come home and do homework. Sunday is the official homework crunch time. I can work five hours straight in an effort to get as much work done before the week starts take a break and do maybe three hours more before I’m completely wiped. Granted, I complain all eight hours of it, but I can do it when forced, and often by Sunday, I am forced.

On Fridays, however, I have one class, and it isn’t until 2 p.m., and of course, it’s one of my favorites: grammar lecture! I’m not being sarcastic. I really love this class. This means I don’t have to leave the house until 1 p.m., which means I can sleep in until noon if I want. I never do, though. I usually get out of bed at 9 am to get some work done before class, but it is so liberating knowing I don’t have to if I don’t want to. After class, I come home, and since John is usually at work or taking a nap, I can vegetate to recorded episodes of Gilmore Girls (best way to vegetate in my mind). I should do homework, but I don’t, not actively anyway. I might have a research article that I’m skimming during commercials, but that’s not really concentrating. I’ve been doing homework since Saturday, and by Friday, it’s time for a break. For me, Friday is the new Sabbath Day.

How do you celebrate your Fridays?


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