Fav Thing Friday – cooling


Changing seasons…cooling weather.

Armwarmers are my new favorite discovery this season. I’ve never been much for mittens and gloves, as I’m a fairly tactile person and I hate feeling like my fingers can’t commune with the world. Obviously one can’t type, or blog, or write, or paint, or any number of wonderful things when one’s fingers are caged! Hence, my new way to welcome the winter is with some fabulous armwarmers.

But in the same breath, as I’m rejoicing in the maturation of fall, I’m still grasping for some of the lovely results of warm weather. The arrangements that Sarah of Saipua fame has been creating this fall are just so beyond exquisite. But they’re tinged with a hint of sadness, as these lovely flowers will soon be gone.

Saipua / awkward

Saipua / waysideviolet

Thus, this Friday’s favorites are sort of juxtaposed, one ushering in the future, one still fondly reaching to the past.

jaykayknits / Saipua

Saipua / clfbyclairelafaye

JohnlozDesign / Saipua

And here I sit, perched on the precipice between the two.


One Response to “Fav Thing Friday – cooling”

  1. 1 tu Madre

    I love the ecru arm warmers. Don’t they look like me? And I like the way you placed the flowers in opposing positions to the arm warmers. You have a wonderful eye for balance and color. xoxo

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