Tree to Dancing Tree. Half moon. Warrior Three with Airplane Arms. Reverse Half moon. Chaka Khan. Rinse and Repeat.


I’ve recently been reading Jason Mraz’s blog, and I feel like I’m taking shots of optimism and calmness straight into the bloodstream. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying it so far. You might too.

If pressed, I’ll narrow myself down to being a protestant Christian, but I have a lot of respect for Catholic traditions and New Age mysticism. They both, I think, bring stability and strength in different ways: the former through roots, the latter through wings. Tradition, knowledge, and thought on one end, balanced with connection, creativity, and spontaneity.

Where I am going with this entry? I don’t even know. My balance feels so thrown in so many ways lately. Finally, I reached that place of peace. Prayer, mental cleansing, a bit of inner yoga breathing. Pieces of life are falling into place, out of place, and I feel like Mraz. Continuing to move, and hold, and move, and hold, and oscillating between places of incredible pain and inner rest. And breathing, always trying to remember to breathe.

Not everything about times of high stress is misery. One good thing: the way it focuses my vision of life. I see and sense things I miss during normal days. During these unbearable times, I step outside and notice the inherent rhythm in a migrating flock of birds. As I drive through Griffith Park to work, I actually see the trees instead of tunnel-visioning through them. There is magic in light bouncing off skyscrapers, or in the way they are hidden by fog. I breathe air, and feel an awareness of the breath awaken.

Life is moving, and abundant, and ready to burst with vitality. And in a very strange way, my commune with it feels strongest and surest when everything else is falling apart around me.

This week, I hope that you live your life.


2 Responses to “Tree to Dancing Tree. Half moon. Warrior Three with Airplane Arms. Reverse Half moon. Chaka Khan. Rinse and Repeat.”

  1. I’m adding Mraz to my Google reader.

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