Favorite Thing Friday: Living In Movies


I am digging Design*Sponge‘s new feature by Amy Merrick “Living In,” where she lists furniture, clothes, and accessories that you put you in your favorite movie/TV show. How many times have you simply wanted to just live in the world of your favorite characters? For me, all the flippin time. The world of Atonement is gorgeous, a little messed up but gorgeous, probably the most gorgeous movie I’ve ever seen.


via here

The glamor of Sex and the City.


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The sexy allure of Casino Royale.


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The quirky casual of Elizabethtown.


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Wouldn’t it be nice to play dress up the grown-up way for just a day?

I once had a computer teacher speculate that someday TV’s would be as flat as picture frames (um…hello flat screen plasma TV) and one day the Internet and television would be one. Programs would be so integrated with advertising that we could pause a program, click on Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettos and be redirected to the site where we could order them. Please tell me someone is working on that. Yes, that kind of integration could signal the end of all that is decent and good because advertising is icky and immoral, but think of how convenient that would be. If Elizabethtown was playing on my HBO movie channel, I could pause it and buy that cute red hat Kirsten Dunst is wearing at the end of the movie. I’ve been looking for that hat since the first time I saw that movie.

With Merrick’s feature on Design*Sponge as well as similar features in fashion and shelter magazines, we can add touches of our favorite movies and TV shows to our lives. Of course these features are heavily driven by advertisers, but I think that’s what makes these blogs and magazines so important. They act as a medium through which we can sort through the advertisers. Until they cover Elizabethtown, I’ll just continue to wander through boutiques and department stores looking for Kirsten Dunst’s red hat, but if they did, I would no longer have to do the legwork.


6 Responses to “Favorite Thing Friday: Living In Movies”

  1. I think I just found a new love in Design*Sponge.

  2. 3 Kara "Sky" McGinty

    I’ve seen these posts on Design*Sponge too! They’re super cool, as you’ve already said! 🙂

    What you propose sounds really neat! It would indeed be amazingly convenient. Or maybe it would be a viewing option on a DVD/BlueRay, just like being able to watch the movies with commentaries. Quick, grab a patent for that idea!

    • I should! Lonny Magazine does it already. You can just click on their page, and it will take you to the product’s website. Genius!

  3. 5 Lauren Jury

    Charlotte! I just found your blog via Facebook. I recently heard a story about this exact advertising strategy! They called it the Jennifer Aniston effect because the original theory was that a person could click on an item of the trendy Rachel Green’s clothing to learn more about it. Here’s the link to the NPR story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113315198

    • Thanks for the link Lauren! That’s weird and cool! Maybe someday I’ll get my wish of complete integration. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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