Hello all. I’m just barely surfacing here on the blogfront. My design firm has been working some severely insane hours over the last bit of time — no weekends, no life. I sleep, work work work work, and drive between the two places. On top of it all, the client we’re working for has been…well, excruciatingly frustrating. If you ever hire a designer, do everyone a favor and don’t treat them like dirt, and don’t try to micromanage their work. Okay? Okay.

Anyway. Sometimes you just need to escape, yeah?

Gorgeous underwater photography by Elena Kalis via yatzer.

I probably won’t be around much over the next few weeks as the craziness continues. Hopefully I’ll be able to pop in now and again with little finds like this. Until then, I’m sinking back into the workload. Ttfn.


One Response to “escape.”

  1. 1 Brando Commando

    I really REALLY like the underwater shots. The second one down is so cool. I for a while now thought it would be cool do shoot an underwater music video but I’m not sure how practical it is haha…

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