some wild things.


Everybody hold onto your hats…this is a crazy cool little find that has me super stoked.




These images are from a pop-up shop at space 15 twenty, as fabulously shot by Kitsune Noir. There are plenty more awesome images at his blog. The exhibition is located here in LA, and I’m gonna have to try to visit before it goes down. Love me some awesome installation work!


all images by Kitsune Noir

And oh my gosh, guys. Can we just talk about the trailer for this movie?

The first time I saw it, I was scrunched down into my first row seat at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 6, already feeling the neck cramps from straining to see the huge screen. And suddenly there were the acoustic riffs of this music, and the typography, and the cinematography, and everything was larger than life, and so full of magic and vitality and real raw human emotion, and it just completely blew me away.

Maybe it’s that this is my favorite Arcade Fire song ever. Maybe it is the power of the imagination, which was so central to my childhood. Maybe it was the hand-drawn typography, which I’m so crazy about right now. Maybe it was all these things together, with a pinch of that little something extra that tugs at your heartstrings and urges you to fly. For whatever reason, this is probably my favorite trailer of all time. I don’t even really want to see the movie, because I feel like there’s no way it could possibly live up to the trailer.


2 Responses to “some wild things.”

  1. this is like my all time favourite book, glad that its made into a movie now. i even have a fanpage for it=D

  2. Look what I found at Old Navy! As soon as I saw it I thought of this movie! Almost cute enough to want to have a kid right now. Almost.

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