Something New Sunday – Lonny!


It’s been a sad few years in magazine publishing, as more and more of the crafty and beautiful niche magazines have closed their doors (Domino and Blueprint, just to name two of my favorites). While blogs have somewhat filled this hole in my life, print design still holds great inspiration for me.

If you’ve felt this emptyness too…perhaps you’ll be as excited over this find as I was:

Lonny Magazine, the new project from a Domino guru, hit shelves…er, screens, this last week. I’ve gotta admit, I was pretty impressed with the offerings. Throw Lucky, Domino, Design*Sponge, Oh-So-Beautiful-Paper, and some clean and functional web design into a bowl, whisk gently, and out will come Lonny. The design is gorgeous, the content is so fab.

This weekend, Lonny is my source of creative inspiration. What’s your take on it? Love it, like it, not impressed?


2 Responses to “Something New Sunday – Lonny!”

  1. I am really excited! I love this! I miss Domino so much and now I have a replacement finally.

  2. 2 Liz

    I am definitely impressed!! It looks great!!!

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