fav thing friday – grey sweater lovin’


I cannot WAIT for Fall to hurry up and get here. I know, technically, the first day of Fall was this last week. But, oh how the southern California weather is disagreeing with the calendar!! It’s currently about five million degrees outside. And I am so. OVER. it. I’m basically a jeans and t-shirt girl, but my favorite thing to throw on over them are grey sweaters. In my excitement for cool weather, I went a little overboard picking out accessories and such online…and realized that I had enough stuff (virtually) to wear for a week. Literally.

So without further ado, here’s how to wear grey sweaters for an entire week…without being boring or staid! It’s all about mixing it up with styles, cuts, and accessories. And, of course, about mixing affordable deals with quality pieces (many of these Old Navy sweaters are on sale this weekend!!). Ready? Okay, go.

Well, hello Monday! Usually on this first day of the week, I’m dying to wear something new and put together—and this is the outfit I would have dreamed of all weekend. I’m CRAZY about the dark grey with little pops of cool turquoise and warm gold. How insanely gorgeous are those Kate Szabone stacking rings? Love at first sight, I tell you.

Sweater – Old Navy
Bracelet – Talula
Teal moccasins – Old Navy
Shades of blue rings – Kate Szabone

Tuesdays, on the other hand, are the hangovers of Mondays. I can come into the week refreshed and rested from the weekend, but by Tuesday I am absolutely dragging. This is probably consistently the day that I look the worst every week, as I rarely wake up with any desire to put the slightest thought into clothing/makeup/showering/anything besides espresso or climbing back into bed. Tuesday mornings equate to grab, throw on, go, take coffee intravenously. With a sweater that has more intrinsic interest in its design, less thought is required—it already looks good on its own! Accessories can be kept simpler and more similar, as it takes very little brainpower to put two perfectly matching, clean metal pieces together. Not to mention having that little bird on my finger would make me smile all day, thus having significant positive effects on my gloomy mood.

Sweater – Old Navy
Bird ring – Uncommon Goods
Flapper necklace – OneGarnetGirl

By Wednesday I’ve usually recovered a little of my energy, and am ready to be playful again. These gauntlet smittens by wayside violet are so fab, and just the type of accessory I’d build a Wednesday outfit around. Today’s grey sweater was picked to match the interesting details in these smittens. And more gold and aquamarine. Seeing a pattern here, folks? I love the brash, vintage look of the leaf necklace when layered with something softer and more delicate.

Leaf necklace – Talula
Apatite and Aquamarine necklace – Melissa Joy Manning
Peacock blue smittens – WaysideViolet
Apple picking sweater – Anthropologie

Ah, Thursday. Hallelujah, the weekend is within sight!! I love the slightly old-world feel of these accessories. Paired with a lighter, looser sweater, this makes for an outfit a little more different from the last four days. The monochromatic tone keeps things simple and clean.

Key necklace – Talula
Grey sweater – Forever 21
Headband – Portobello
Flats – Anthropologie

Hooray for casual Friday! This striped sweater is just perfect to snuggle into, but it wins back a little glam from the dainty necklace, bold rings, and refined flats. Add your favorite worn jeans into the mix, and it’s a good-to-go day.

Sweater – Old Navy
Necklace – Anne Sportun
Flats – Old Navy
Stacking Rings – OneGarnetGirl

Of course, we can’t leave out Friday night, can we? (Although, truth be told, I can generally be found at home with a glass of wine, some freelance work, and a good movie…but let’s PRETEND that I have a fascinating and incredibly classy social life every Friday night!) This knitted grey cape from Anthropologie would look so sweet over an iconic little black dress, while a giant burnt orange flower would add some serious pizazz.

Cape sweater – Anthropologie
Flower fascinator – Portobello
White topaz earrings – Melissa Joy Manning

Ah, the day of rest is finally here. Saturdays are all about keeping it simple and easy: walking around the house barefoot, lounging in a long, comfy sweater. This gorgeous Anne Sportun necklace (you all know about my love affair with her stuff), would take this Saturday sweater from normal to spectacular in .5 seconds. As Char would call it, this is having a June Cleaver moment by vacuuming in pearls!

Sweater – Old Navy
Rose Cut Pave Pendant – Anne Sportun

I’m normally all about keeping things clean and un-fussy, but the ruffles on this Sunday sweater had me at hello. Paired with delicate accessories, this outfit is perfect for dressing up jeans (I told, you I truly ONLY wear jeans) for church, brunch, or whatever your Sunday routine involves. Except maybe going to the gym.

Pearl cluster earrings – Melissa Joy Manning
Sweater – J. Crew
Pearl necklace – Anne Sportun
Diamond orbit necklace – Anne Sportun

So there you have it! Eight sweaters, some fabulous accessories, and an entire week’s wardrobe is done. What fashion piece could you wear for an entire week without getting bored?


8 Responses to “fav thing friday – grey sweater lovin’”

  1. love, love, LOVE gray sweaters.

  2. 3 stacey

    you remember ryan gruss? he had kate szabone custom make a shades of blue ring set for his wife’s engagement ring and wedding bands. it turned out sooo gorgeous!!

    anyways, i love sweaters. but my office is always, always freezing, so i wear cardigans year round, even when it’s a million degrees. like today.

    • That is amazing, I had no idea!! I saw their wedding pictures online…oh my, so adorable. her dress was so fab. And I feel you on the cold office. I think I’m going to have to get a space heater for my feet this winter…brr.

      Always nice to hear from you, Stace. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      • 5 stacey

        hehe, you are officially on my google reader as of a few weeks ago, so i read everything! i am just a lousy commenter.

        for cold office feet, i bring slippers and wear them when i’m sitting at my desk. except sometimes i forgot to change and end up walking to the bathroom in my slippers. whoops. 🙂

  3. 6 tu Madre

    Fabulous. Do you want to be my personal dresser? I’d love it. Can’t wait to see you in some of these. Stacy and Clinton move over.

  4. So my shopping self-control is officially shot. I really really want every piece of jewelry and the Friday day shoes! We haven’t gotten those at my Old Navy yet, but you can bet I’m going to pick them up when we do (fingers crossed it will be Tuesday).

  5. 8 mr. ace

    I once thought J. Crew was a christian clothing store, a la Jesus Crew.

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