cheer up


Today seemed to be a crappy day not only for me but everyone. It seems like everyone I met today was having a hard time of it. Nothing was going right. My travel mug was cracked so I couldn’t have my coffee, which always puts a bad spin on the day. I was late getting out the door so I barely made it to class. I had to stand on the bus with the heaviest bag in the world, a binder and textbook in my arms. I forgot my perfect lunch at home so I had to buy food, which I felt was a waste of money considering the effort I put into my beautiful lunch. I wasn’t the only one though. Pretty much everyone I encountered today was having a similar day. Nothing was going right and people were tired.

To cheer us all up on this Murphy’s Law kind of day here’s a compilation of some my favorite funny videos from YouTube:


3 Responses to “cheer up”

  1. Aaaaah, looove me some Ryan started the fire! (can you believe it, the office starts again this week!! yayyyy!) and the Jesus videos, hehe. awesome compilation.

  2. 2 Dad

    Make that lemonade when you have a lemon kind of day! Love you baby girl!

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