Something New Sunday: How to Fully Enjoy the True Blood Season Finale


Tonight is the night. All summer, those with HBO have been enjoying the edge-of-your-seat entertainment that has been the second season of True Blood. We’ve been to Dallas and back to save a 2,000-year-old vampire and give the Fellowship of the Sun a good kick in the pants. We’ve learned a lot about Eric and Bill’s pasts and seen a softer side of Eric as well as how viscous he can be. We’ve watched Maryann take over Bon Temp in an effort to unite herself with her god (weirdo!), and we’ve seen Jason Stackhouse save the day in ways only he could. And we’ve watched helplessly as Tara has been sucked into the chaos of Marianne’s takeover, but tonight at 9/8 p.m. we will finally see how it all goes down! We at the Atchley house are giddy with anticipation as I’m sure is obvious since this is the second time I’m blogging about True Blood (first time it was here). Here are some steps you can take to fully enjoy tonight’s season finale:

1. Go to and catch up on Season 2’s happenings if you haven’t been paying attention. There are video montages that are very helpful to catch you up as well as character profiles to help you keep everyone straight.

2. Order some Tru Blood the beverage to enjoy during your watch party. Don’t worry, it’s not actual synthetic blood. It’s orange soda that’s been dyed red.

3. Follow True Blood on Twitter to get latest updates on what Truebies (True Blood fans) are talking about. True Blood is always one of the top trending topics on Twitter Sunday night after the episode with people ranting about the cliffhanger and quoting favorite lines.

4. During the show, keep the dog away from the remote because Roskoe (our puppy) has changed the channel on us during an episode. You are not going to want to miss a single second of tonight.

5. If you’re squeamish, watch with a hand at the level of your eyes so you can cover them during any nudity and gore because it’s bound to show up. Also read this awesome article from to make yourself feel a little better about watching this show.


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