star light.


It’s been a loong week at work. Many days passed without enjoying sunshine, many late nights of working, many cups of coffee drank purely for energy and not for joy, many moments of violently banging my head on my desk (or wanting to very badly)…I’ve barely had the energy to even look at a computer screen beyond work hours, let alone open my Google Reader or write blog posts or work on freelance designs.

All that to say, I am so. so. sooooo. happy about the coming long weekend. I’ll be escaping the dreary, smoke-filled skies of LA to my beloved hometown. Mr. Ace will be coming along, and we’ll spend some much-needed relaxing, refreshing, reinvigorating time with my family.

There’s something wonderful about coming home to the place you grew up, especially after long and exhausting times in the place you currently live. One of my favorite things about leaving the city?

Seeing stars.

These gorgeous little beauties have been sitting on my desktop all week, and have given me many small smiles. It’s the kind of project I would take up just for fun…stars, embroidery, love it.

by miniature rhino on etsy


4 Responses to “star light.”

  1. These are the coolest embroidery thingies ever!

  2. 2 tu Madre

    This was a very sweet post. Do you know how much it means to me that you love coming home? See you soonest, love, mom

  3. I love these. Did you do the design yourself? I feel like I need to make some. Fantastic.

    • Nah, I wish I had! They were made by the etsy seller in the link, although I’m seriously considering doing my own. I love embroidery, it’s such a relaxing thing for me.

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