a love of the magazine


I love magazines. Like love love love LOVE magazines. I love the paper their printed on. I love the traditional layout. I love the long articles and big, colorful photos. I love the sidebars and short, monthly features like Glamour‘s “10 Things We’re Obsessed With Right Now.” I’ve been reading magazines since I got a subscription to American Girl in the third grade(ish). After American Girl, I moved onto teen gossip magazines like Twist in middle school and Seventeen in high school. And then in college, I met Glamour, which I picked off the rack simply for one story on the cover, probably something about extinguishing frizzy hair once and for all.

Now I have two subscriptions and read three magazines every month. I receive Lucky (a replacement subscription for another Conde Nast magazine that they killed, Domino, still my favorite magazine) and TIME (to keep me smart and informed) every month and pick up the latest Glamour at the grocery store (really should subscribe because I never miss a month). I also usually buy Fresh Home (which is a seasonal, shelter magazine).

With this love affair with magazines, it only makes sense that I’m in the magazine editing sequence in Mizzou’s J-School graduate program. This is my first semester taking real magazine classes, and I love love LOVE it. What’s better than reading magazines but talking about magazines with other people who love them as much as you do. One of the first thing I’ve realized this semester is I need to branch out in my magazine reading. I have a few on my list that I want to start reading: Esquire, Vanity Fair, and House Beautiful. We discuss Esquire all. the. time. Vanity Fair just looks like a good magazine to be reading, and House Beautiful is just for me to hopefully, someday fill the hole Domino left in my heart.

What magazines do you read and why? What do you get from them? Do you have any suggestions for magazines I should add to my monthly reading list?


11 Responses to “a love of the magazine”

  1. 1 Liz

    You should read Gourmet. I don’t actually subscribe, but I love to flip through it. The food always looks so amazing in it! I’ve decided that I would love to be one of their photographers!

    • I will be flipping through one of those soon. I like looking at pictures of food. I think that’s because I’m so obsessed with eating it.

  2. 3 Dad

    Glad you are loving your classes…especially the Mag class! Love you!

  3. 5 stacey

    i really like real simple… it has some easy yet gourmet recipes, funny stories, good tips, and i really like their holiday ideas. also a fan of martha stewart, but sometimes she scares me too much.

    • I really like Real Simple’s content, but I’m just not a huge fan of the kind of layout they use. I should probably just get over it and enjoy the content because its good stuff, and it could replace Domino for me.

      • 7 Liz

        What do you not like about the layout of Real Simple?

      • I don’t like all the white space. There’s just too much of it. Their pages are huge and square and beautiful! Why not use that space? Instead they just leave most of it blank. If they took out all the white space, it would be a regular sized magazine.

        As I write this though, I realize the magazine is called “Real Simple,” and the white space makes the layout very simplistic instead of busy like most magazines, so I guess there’s an important design choice going on there.

      • That’s actually what I was going to say. I feel that white space attracts more attention…this could be completely wrong, though, I’ve never taken a design class so I don’t really have any authority to say that. 🙂

    • I think you’re right, Liz, after what we discussed about Real Simple in my editing class today, I’m starting to rethink my opinion. My initial reaction to their design though is the fact that at first I had a little trouble establishing editorial from advertising because the ads also can have a similar look.

      • 11 stacey

        that is true, the ads and the content do look similar, which i don’t like. but i do like the white space, it makes it a lot less busy, and i don’t like busy. 🙂

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