Something New Sundays: Seperating Eggs


Separating egg yolks from egg whites is one of those cooking skills that is a delicate but necessary process if you ever want to make a cake from scratch. I had been avoiding this experience until my desire for chocolate pie overrode my unwillingness to separate what God had put together. Unimpressed by my cookbook’s suggestions of how to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of separating that perfect yellow sphere from the clear goop, I improvised my own method.

1. Crack open the egg very carefully. Instead of opening the egg so the contents fall out, hold the egg upright and use the crack as a hinge to take off the top. This will leave the yolk and most of the whites intact in the bottom half of the shell.

2. Use a small spoon to “scoop” the yolk out, while tilting the shell over the bowl so all the whites drain into the bowl. You can also think of the “scoop” as “catching” the yolk before it falls into the bowl. This must be done gently to keep the yolk intact and from falling into the bowl.

Ta DA! You have successfully separated egg whites and egg yolks. Now go bake a cake!


2 Responses to “Something New Sundays: Seperating Eggs”

  1. You method is very neat and tidy. I will definitely try it. I have found that I’m much better at seperating the egg yolk and white when I’m willing to get down and dirty. I crack the egg about half way. I hold the egg over a bowl that I intend to hold the whites with, then I use my fingers (I know it sounds gross but I wash my hands between each egg) as a filter for the egg whites. The white goes through the fingers and yolk stays intact in my hand. I’ve had great sucess this way, except it is messy. Although, I’m a firm believer in getting down and dirty in the kitchen.

    • I have definitely heard of that method, but I haven’t tried it yet. And I am definitely a believer in getting dirty in the kitchen. If something has flour in it, I’m going to have to change clothes later. I just can’t stop flour from going everywhere. Luckily, my mom bought me an apron for my birthday this year.

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