Favorite Thing Friday – amidst ash-filled air and yellow skies


This Friday, my mind is very much on the Southern California fires. Driving home last night gave me a crazy sight: a towering plume of smoke backing the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign. As I rounded Griffith park, I was shocked to see visible flames from the freeway…especially in view of my beloved (and still very new) house. I immediately jumped online when I got home, to figure out just how close the fire was—do you know how frustrating it is to try to find emergency information that is up-to-date and to-the-point? Online news sources have the tendency to ramble, and provide very little information that I was interested in: namely, what was the perimeter of the fire, was it spreading quickly, and should I be concerned?

Three things make my favorites list this Friday (and, yes, it’s a little out of character with the FTF posts, but this is where I am this week):

1. The La Canada city website, which provides relevant, concise updates every hour on the Station fire (the one I was trying to find info on).

2. The LAist fire tags: Palos Verdes, Station, Morris, and Cottonwood

3. And lastly and most importantly, my favorite thing this Friday are the firefighters who are currently working in triple digit heat to keep so many residences and structures safe. As a native Southern Californian, this certainly isn’t the first fire season I’ve been through—and I’ve had a decent number of friends and families whose livelihood has been saved by the courageous work of firefighters. Please join me in praying for their safety and effectiveness, and for thanking God we have people like them in the world. In the words of Quaker Oats…Go humans, go.


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