The End of the Challenge


Four weeks ago Ash and I decided to partake in a blogosphere workout challenge at These Little Moments. We each made goals and plans of how to reach those goals in four weeks. Every Wednesday we were to comment on These Little Moments with our progress as a way to be accountable and find support and encouragement among others trying to get healthy. Well, four weeks are up, and what we announced here, we now finish.

Ash’s Goal: Goal: commute using public trans at least 3 days a week (which includes a mile walk), yoga and/or strength train at least 4 times a week, continue eating cleaner, healthier foods.

How did Ash Do?: Totally fell off that bandwagon. The best thing that came out of it for me was that I bit the bullet and finally went to a gym. Just that simple barrier broken feels pretty good. For the 2 weeks when I really was good and worked out a bit, I felt better about myself and already noticed differences. It was the most workout-empowered I’ve ever felt.

Once my life settles down again, I’m hoping to start up again. Of course, then something else will come up and knock everything out of whack…so I think my biggest challenge is figuring out how to get my exercise even when life is nuts because, let’s be honest, it often is pretty nuts. That’s life.

Char’s Goal: to tone up with cardio (walking/jogging or my aerobics video) for 30 min three times a week and strength training twice a week. No soda except weekends and eating healthy snacks instead of junk food between meals.

How Did Char Do?: Not well, according to my goal. For the first two weeks I did pretty good, doing a cardio/strength workout video two or three weeks. After that I got bored with it and started doing some lunges and ab exercises but essentially dropped the cardio. I did start snacking healthier and drinking more water.

With a new semester starting up, I’ll be walking a lot more from bus stops to classes with a backpack of books so my life will automatically be slightly more active, which seems to be a major point in leading a healthier lifestyle. Now if I can only combine that with the strength training.

I have finally realized that living a healthy lifestyle is not a temporary thing. You can’t reach your goal weight and be done. You have to maintain it. That’s why it’s called a lifestyle. I have finally accepted that just because you fall off the bandwagon one week doesn’t mean your whole program is shot. You can always always always pick it back up. I don’t think beating yourself up over it is beneficial. Just remember your goal and find a routine. I think that was my downfall. I could never find a routine. Maybe with school starting and forcing me to schedule my life, I can schedule a workout routine.


One Response to “The End of the Challenge”

  1. 1 Steph

    I am so proud of you girls! Way to be proactive! You inspire me.

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