hollin and eric (and a few others behind the scenes)


I think I’ve confessed here before that wedding blogs are my guilty pleasure. Gorgeous flowers, handcrafted diy, and some personal stories are my medicine of choice, thank you very much.

And for a variety of reaasons, I just HAD to share Hollin and Eric’s wedding. It’s been making the blog rounds as of late (hello weddingbee, once wed, 100 layer cake, and vintage glam!), and it caught my eye thanks to the uniqueness, beauty, and the quirkiness of its aesthetics.

I swooned over the morning-wedding details of doughnuts, coffee, and a toast bar.

I grinned over the invites of the couple dancing in the woods.

And I absolutely died over the location.

So SO much lovely green. AND IN A TREEHOUSE. Guh. Lovelovelove.

And then, in one weird moment as I read through the talents behind this wedding, I realized that these people weren’t just nameless faces. I actually had connections to them from college! Wha-wha-what?

Malachi, the brother-in-law of the bride (and husband of the maid of honor), and I worked together in our university’s marketing office.
Anna, the invitation designer, was in my major (a few years older), and was a big inspiration to me and other wee graphic designers.
And Paul, the videographer wearing the kicking hat, was a friend from the art community…an incredibly skilled, multi-disciplinary guy.

Okay, so those relations might be a bit of a stretch…but STILL! It was so incredible to realize that out of the thousands of weddings highlighted daily on the web, I had very small threads of real world connections to this one. It’s a recognition that our roots are buried in a similar place: I went to college with these guys, and they’re out there making their worlds more creative, more amazing, more beautiful.*

And that, my friends, I think that’s pretty sweet.

And because their work is wonderful, here is some linkage:
Anna blogs here and designs for the ever-popular Hello!Lucky.
Paul has a gorgeous new blog here.
And Malachi (whose work I highlighted back in the day) blogs here and has an etsy shop here.
All photos are by Ben Blood, and generally ganked from any of the four blogs listed at the top of this post.

*Totally unrelated sidenote. Did you realize that I used three different their/there/they’re incarnations in that sentence? Boomshakalaka!


2 Responses to “hollin and eric (and a few others behind the scenes)”

  1. 1 stacey

    i saw this on vintage glam and weddingbee too, and thought it was lovely. highly jealous of their gorgeous wedding, and how cool that you had very small threads to it!!

    • ooh, I forgot you are a weddingbee reader! I remember reading through the comments on a post, and realized it was you (the one you wrote the morning of your wedding, I think)…that was another whoa no way moment, haha.

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