Favorite Thing Friday: BK Bakery


My favorite thing this week is a local one. Sorry everyone who does not live in the Jefferson City/Columbia area, but I just couldn’t resist giving this brand new local bakery some free publicity.With my growing interest in all things baked and delicious, I was ecstatic when I saw the sign go up on Missouri Blvd: BK Bakery Coming Soon.

Jefferson City is sorely lacking in coffeehouse/gathering places. We have a grand total of three (none of which are close to my house). BK Bakery isn’t the best for late night gathering since they close at 6:30, but for lazy afternoons and morning coffee-to-go this is the place. Opened for three days, I finally found time in my schedule to visit and pick up some breakfast to go before my morning errands today, and I was not disappointed. I got a chocolate croissant and a drip coffee (Kaldi’s organic). I did have a terrible time deciding between the croissant, the chocolate espresso muffin, or these strawberry twist pastry thingies (sorry BK Bakery, don’t remember what they were called). Also, they have all the basic drinks you would find at a coffeehouse: flavored lattes, drip coffee, chai, and even sweet tea! I was not disappointed by my choice though. A croissant filled with chocolate and dusted with powder sugar, mmmmm tasty.

Other things I love about this bakery: they sell yesterday’ muffins in boxes of 24 instead of dumping them out. It’s not misleading. It says they are a day old on the box, but I think it’s a great way to not waste perfectly good muffins. All they need is a microwave, and they’re good as new. There’s frequent customer punch cards! Love those! Free brownie samples! Cupcakes that look like works of art! Cinammon rolls that are half off because they don’t quite fill the wrapper!

If you’re in the area and you haven’t checked it out, visit BK Bakery at 901A Missouri Blvd in Jefferson City, Missouri. They’re on Facebook, Blogspot, Twitter, and a website where you can look at pictures, get updates, and find info about ordering cakes and stuff.


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