the little lights.


There’s a man who stands on the Vermont bridge over the 101 freeway: just him and his bike leaning up against the railing. And he holds signs for all the rush-hour drivers to see. Sometimes they’re specific (today’s was Jesus Our Savior), and sometimes they’re general (Never Give Up). Regardless of the message, I feel something inspiring on the mornings he’s up there. As if he’s some kind of a reminder that we’re not alone. That we needn’t lose hope. That we should carry on in love, and keep the faith.

I’m going to be moving this weekend. Those of you who read here consistently or know me in person are aware that I’ve been living in a million places since graduation. In a lot of ways, it’s been a rough time, when coupled with all the anxiety and off-balance feelings of graduating college and entering the real world. It’s a weird time in anyone’s life, I think. I’ve done a lot of growing up—not always gracefully, and not always without a fight, but I do think it’s been happening.

So this move, and the subsequent idea of having my own little space in the world, has been so highly anticipated. I’m very blessed–in a few days, a 1920’s bungalow is going to belong to me and a few wonderful roomies.

And with this move will come a change in my commute. And I will miss seeing that man, and I will probably always wonder what motivates him to stand on the Vermont bridge.

Blogs are a similar thing: many people speed past, not even recognizing their existence. There are so many blogs after all. And we’re always going somewhere at higher and higher speeds. If you, however, happened to make it this far and happened to spare a glance: today, this post is for him, and for you.



2 Responses to “the little lights.”

  1. I saw pictures of the new place on facebook, and I am jealous! It looks like the kind of place I want to own! Enjoy it! You deserve it.

  2. 2 Kara "Sky" McGinty

    Love love love this post, Ashley! 😀 Loving the inspiration that you found in the man with the signs, and being aware that there is always inspiration to yet be found. And just so you ladies know, I always enjoy reading your blog, connecting with your thoughts, and finding joy and inspiration in what you write. So thanks!

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