Something New Sunday: Folding like a Pro


This may seem very trivial, but this method of folding shirts helps keep minimal fold lines from settling in the middle of your shirt, saves drawer space (I think), and allows you to easily identify every t-shirt with just a glance. If you’re like Rebbecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic, you’ll appreciate this technique and having your drawers looking as fine as a well-kept graphic tee table at Buckle.

Step 1: Lay the shirt out on a flat surface, frontside down. I like to hold the shirt upside down by the side seams to shake out wrinkles and then lay it flat on the table.


Step 2: Hold the shirt by the top of one sleeve and the bottom corner and fold over until the shoulder seam is in line with the end of the collar. Do the same with the other side.


Step 3: Fold the bottom of the shirt up a few inches.


Step 4: Fold the shirt again so the bottom of the shirt lines up with the bottom of the collar seam.


And you have a shirt worthy of any retail store shelf.



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