dark chocolate convert


Since Favorite Thing Friday was neglected yesterday, here’s to one of my new favorite things, dark chocolate. I’ve never liked dark chocolate. I think it was too strong or bitter for my juvenile sweet tooth, but when I first made the Baked brownies, which call for dark baking chocolate (which is ridiculously hard to find in Jefferson City), my palate warmed to the idea that first impressions aren’t always right.


Even though I’m willing to melt it down to make bigger chocolate desserts, it wasn’t until this week that I finally fell head over heels in love. Because my own grocery store stopped selling baking bars, and I needed only an ounce of dark chocolate to round out my supply for the root beer cake, I bought a 12 oz. bag of dark chocolate chips to divide and conquer. I took my one ounce and tied off the left over 11 oz. Fast-forward to this week, wanting to bake something for our boating day at the Lake of the Ozarks with John’s family and use up some materials lying around, I decided to use the remaining 11 oz. of dark chocolate chips to make chocolate chip cookies. I wasn’t even going to post them on the blog because it’s the exact same recipe I used for World Peace Cookies just with dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet, which according to Wikipedia (I know, great sourcing, Char), are the same except dark chocolate has more sugar. After testing the first batch, that extra sugar makes a difference, a BIG difference. Like I cursed when I took my first bite, difference. They are incredibly rich, like something from the Baked cookbook rich. Usually, I can munch on three chocolate chip cookies in one sitting and not be affected, but these…oh man, these were too much, in a good way. I highly recommend you try this incredible substitution. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to semi-sweet chips again.



5 Responses to “dark chocolate convert”

  1. 1 Kara "Sky" McGinty

    Ah, dark chocolate…practically the only chocolate I eat anymore. 🙂

    • I’m not sure if I’ll go that far…there’s still a place in my heart for milk chocolate candies, but for most baking purposes it’s all about dark chocolate desserts!

  2. 3 Rick Holman

    Daddy wants some right now!!

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