tea@elevensies greatest hits – the first 100 posts!


Can you freaking wrap your minds around this concept, folks — we’ve now got ONE HUNDRED posts under our belt! It’s not everyday a blog publishes it’s 100th so we decided to use the landmark post as a compilation of our best. If we were a band, this would be our first greatest hits album. Consider this a must-read list, a compilation of our most read posts and a few personal favorites. What you’ll find is quirky blend of delicious food, great design, books, and bling–a perfect sample platter of what you can expect to find at tea@elevensies.

Ash’s Top Five

#1 — oh, I admit it.
— An ode of love to succulents arranged as works of art. Still makes me swoon entirely.
posted in: faith, made me look

#2 — designers love adobe, obviously.
— An ode of love to creative suite…and all the kitschy, wonderful things it inspires geeks to make.
posted in: design, made me smile

#3 — blogs + tea
— or alternatively titled, “if Char and I had an office: the first decor purchase we’d make.”
posted in: art, site

#4 — Bling bling, baby!
— …or also alternatively titled, “he liked it, he wanted to put a ring on it, but she’s design-y and picky, so she’s helping him figure out what to put on it”
posted in: design, personal, web and blogs

#5 — der dritte raum
— jaw-dropping architectural installation made mainly from one very unassuming object.
posted in: art, made me look

Char’s Top Five

#1 — 11 Ounces of Chocolate, 2 Sticks of Butter, and 5 Eggs later
— The greatest brownies in the world!!! You will never go back to box brownie mix ever again!
posted in: foodie

#2 — summer wrapped in a tortilla
— Great recipe for leftover chicken, eating outside, with sweet tea or margaritas in the summer or rainy days when you wish it was sunny. Pretty much, pretty awesome always.
posted in: foodie

#3 — summer reading list 2009
— This is what I’m reading by the pool and in the hammock this summer. What’s on your list?
posted in: books

#4 — SNS – An Insider’s Guide to Retail Shopping
— What we sales associates are thinking while you shop, and how you can make helping you easier.
posted in: something new sunday

#5 — writer’s block: banging my head against a wall
— Are you stuck? Because I always am. Maybe we can help each other.
posted in: resources and tools, web and blogs, writing


You guys picked the top ten above. Here are a few more of our personal faves!

Remix: Wonderland Style
— Pogo’s amaaazing song comprised almost entirely of clips from Alice in Wonderland had us a-moving and a-grooving.
posted in: made me smile, music, videos

SNS – How to Fold an Origami Parrot: Part 1
— Go google “How to Fold an Origami Parrot”. I KNOW RIGHT! We’re like the fourth entry down. tea@11, for the win!
posted in: something new sunday

The Favorites
— There can’t be just one favorite book or even favorite author. There are just too many to love.
posted in: books

An Old Hero
— If this was 1880, I’d be his lover or stalker, whichever I could get.
posted in: books, journalism, people we like

Char Says/Ash Says: HBP review! — The first post written by both of us together! Plus, we just love Harry Potter.
posted in: movies, reviews

Thanks again to all of our readers! You guys RULE. Have a favorite that didn’t make it in page views? Let us know. And in celebration of our 100th, we’ve still got some exciting things in the works. Keep those tea cups handy over the next few weeks—it’s an exciting time here at the blog!


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