Favorite Thing Friday: True Blood


Have you seen this show lately? Seriously if you don’t have HBO, find a free weekend (because once you start, there’s no stopping), rent Season 1, and get ready for an incredible ride.  We are knee-deep in season two, and our whole neighborhood is obsessed. True Blood is the kind of show HBO is known for. It’s the only reason we got HBO in the first place.

If you don’t know the synopsis of the show, it’s based on the world and characters in Charlain Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels and short stories. I haven’t read the books, and don’t plan to until the TV series is either over or far along in the story. I want to continue to be surprised by the show, and not know what’s coming next. This is a world in the near future when Japan has developed a synthetic blood drink called True Blood that vampires can drink as subsistence instead of killing people. This allows vampires to “come out of the coffin” and live among us humans. There is even a Vampire Rights Bill being lobbied in Congress. Vermont is the first state to allow vampires and humans to marry. But this story isn’t in Vermont. We’re in Bon Temps, Louisiana, following the life of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepath, who falls in love with vampire and new Bon Temps resident Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a civil war vampire with the nicest manners. Who needs Edward Cullen when Bill Compton is in the house.

move over edward and bella, sookie and bill are hottest vamp/human couple

move over edward and bella. sookie and bill are the hottest vamp/human couple

all images via true-blood.net

This show is not for the faint of heart. It is on HBO, and it’s there for a reason. It’s got adult content and language, nudity, and violence. Why in the world would we continue to watch something like that, some of you may be wondering. Simply put, it’s the characters. Every character, even the seemingly minor ones, are incredibly dynamic and real. There are very few stereotypes here.

Sookie is everything a young southern belle should be–she’s the “good girl,” God-fearing, but incredibly independent and outspoken. Then she starts dating a vampire? Bill Compton–in a word, a gentleman who constantly struggles with the fact that he is a vampire. Sookie’s brother, Jason–A very lost young man, who trouble always seems to follow around. Despite all his transgressions, you get the sense that he means well. Sam–Sookie’s boss, a shapeshifter, who has a mixed up past, but is a stand up guy. Tara–Sookie’s bff friend, a little lost, but a good person, very outspoken and blunt. Lafayette–Tara’s cousin and the cook at Sam’s bar, gay, flamboyent, an incredibly strong personality. Hoyt–Jason’s best friend, perfect southern gentleman and mama’s boy, but who doesn’t judge people for anything but their character. Jessica–A 17 year old girl turned vampire by Bill who is struggling with being a teenager and learning to be a vampire. Eric–A viking vampire, Bill’s sheriff (superior) who seems to be the cold-hearted/ruthless vamp, but you can’t help but sense something more to him (which the director promises we’re about to see in the coming episodes).

Bill and Eric, two sexy vampires in one show!

Bill and Eric, two sexy vampires in one show!

With so many strong characters in one town, the plot thickens and boils and conflict is everywhere. There’s murder, prejudice, love, hate, alcoholism, drugs, false accusations, newly-made vampires, an evil goddess having her way with people, a church on a mission to kill all vampires.

With characters and conflict this intense, you can’t help but get addicted to and obsess over True Blood.


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