Help! (I need somebody…)


This is my set-up at work. Check out that monitor…I think cavemen were using it many moons ago. Pretty hot, right? Believe it or not, I used to have two screens that big taking up all the space on my desk. When one of them died last week, I was left with a single-screen set up (lower screen resolution, saaad) and a massive amount of real estate in my space (more desk! more room to spread out! yayy!). Unfortunately, right now there is nothing but mess to fill it up! Losing that huge monitor made me realize just how blah the space is. How completely uninspired it is.

So, I need some help!
Do you guys have any suggestions? Here’s the breakdown:

1. About 5% of the massive number of books the studio owns. Anyone who has lived with me will notice I’ve already gone through and color-organized these. 🙂 I know, I know.
2. The small printer no one uses that still has to stay in the space. And problem area #1, highlighted in the picture below.
3. Stone-age monitor. Killing my eyes as we speak.
4. Lots of blank blank wall. I’d love to add some sort of decor to this, but I’m unsure what wouldn’t complete with the already blaring orange of the desk. Also, this is the corner of the ancient phone and not-ancient-but-pretty-blah fan.
5. Stone-age chair. Killing my back as we speak.
6. All the papers I use on a daily-ish basis. Would love to get these stored away somewhere else.
7. Cord mania! My tablet currently sits oddly across the top of the computer when not in use.

These are the areas of the desk on a good day. Normally, they tend to get filled up very quickly with project briefs, print-outs, dishes from breakfast and/or lunch, cell phone, etcetc.

Anybody have ideas for how to get this thing cheaply organized? Anything you personally use to enliven your computer areas? I can’t make any permanent or expensive changes to my desk decor, because my job isn’t super-permanent. But I spend quite a few hours every day here, and I’d like it to be a little more creatively uplifting.

Comment if you have any suggestions! In somewhere around a week, I’ll post an update, hopefully with an exciting (yet cheap and non-permanent) space transformation.


9 Responses to “Help! (I need somebody…)”

  1. 1 stacey

    check out… i’ve been really impressed with her cheap design ideas lately. plus it’s inspiring cause her house is freaking gorgeous. not sure if she has anything that will work for your situation, but it’s worth a shot??

  2. was that a 12″ powerbook g4? Mine’s sitting on my desk while I whittle away on my new 15″ mbp… 😀

    You need a phone riser and some vinyl wall art 🙂

    • haha..uh, I think so. it’s my boss’ and technically is just resting on my desk between transit.

      I like the vinyl idea. hmm…

  3. 5 Nuggethead

    For the area behind the computer, you could get poster board and paint a Rainforrest cafe-esk background or faux tiles or we could cut a piece of redwood lattice for the back and you get some fake ivy or grape vines to entertwine. A file box or expanding file holders to hold the papers that are dailyish and you could keep the box off to one side of your desk. We could make a small multi layered unit that could hold your pencils/pens, other odds and ends and maybe a banzai tree or one of those little pre potted flowers that you get at Lowes or Home Depot. Maybe some rope or theme lighting under the upper cabs.
    Hope this helps.

    • hehe, so many ideas! the whole office is built around a very sleek, swiss-type design look, so the rainforest idea might be a leeetle bit too kitsch. But I like the idea of building a small unit, especially if I could use it at another desk later on.

      and plants! of course, I’m in definite need of some good plants.

      Thanks, pops. 🙂

  4. At least let’s throw in a cute little vase of fake colorful daisies! I love putting fake daisies on my desk. I have a big blue one in a Jones soda bottle. Love those because they have the awesome pictures on them. Or those pens with daisies on the end. I love those except you can’t put your pen cap on the end. I also always forget the one on my nightstand is in fact a writing utensil. Okay, I’m rambling now. It’s 1 am and I should not be commenting.

  5. 8 tu Madre

    I love seeing your work area. Wow, this post got the most comments ever. Love you!!

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