The Challenge


In an effort to lead healthier, more active lives and feel better about ourselves, Ash and I have decided to enter The Challenge! This is a month-long workout challenge where bloggers set their own goals of where they want to be and how they plan to get there, and then each week send an update of how they did that week. It’s an opportunity to have a support group to keep you going, but instead of a walking buddy, these are you blogging buddies.

The Challenge was created and hosted at These Little Moments, a blog by blogger Molly about life. We’re excited to join her in the challenge, meet some new bloggers and see what happens!

Today marks the end of the first week, and Ash and I had our successes and failures. Both of us were more keen on taking on more active, healthier lifestyle, not exactly with weight loss goals in mind. Work for Ash and a cold on my end have thrown hurdles at us in terms of our working out goals, but we’ve compensated. Ash got a gym membership, and I just got off my butt and did my silly aerobics video at least three times. On the eating healthier front, I completely failed. It wasn’t an awful binge of junk, but I’ve done better.

From now until August 27th, Ash and I are on the health bandwagon. We’ll let you know at the end how we did and how we feel now. If you want to follow our progress more closely at These Little Moments Challenge Page, where our goals and progress are listed under the names Itsageiger and Charmae.


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