if char and I had our own office, part 2.


Any tea@elevensies office would HAVE to have one of these on the wall!


Vintage flair + internet charm, according to the product description. This marquee-lighted decor comes in a variety of other initials, from Urban Outfitters. The pricetag is kind of high, but I’ll bet Char and I could diy our own without tooooo much trouble.


4 Responses to “if char and I had our own office, part 2.”

  1. This is one of the greatest things ever! Again, I wish we had an office.

  2. 2 Jordan Cathey

    you could most defiantly DIY this without too much trouble. We have done many letters or shapes similar to this at my work using just corrugate cardboard, poster board, and foam core, and lots of hot glue. And you could probably make it look better. I’m not that impressed with theirs for $178.

    • I’ve got a little bit of electrical experience from college too…I was trying to think of a way this could be done with a thin metal, but cardboard is a great idea too (and easier, and cheaper). Hmm…might have to find a few extra hours in the coming weeks and try to whip one up!

  3. 4 tu Madre

    it must be because you talk about food…but these look like big pretzels. I think you should chocolate dip them!

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