Something New Sundays: Origami Parrot, Part Three.


So we just finished the bird base instructions:

If you missed it, go back to that first post to see parts one and two…then mosey back over here for the thrilling and climactic part three!

Now let’s start making this look like a parrot!

Part Three: Bird Base Variation – Parrot
1. Take a second to make sure that these two “legs” are pointing towards you:

2. Grasp the top layer from the top half of the model, and fold it down so it lines up with the “legs”.

2. Flip the model over.

3. Grasp the two “legs”, and fold them up to the top of the model, so that it looks like this:

4. Fold the right leg down and out. Try to make the bottom line perpendicular to the model.

5. Fold the left leg down and out. It should be perfectly in line with the right leg.

Advanced folders, you can make these using inside reverse folds, like so:

6. Fold the ends of each leg up.

Advanced folders, you can make these into inside reverse folds, as such:

7. Pick up the model, and fold it in half. The two legs should be on the inside of the model, NOT on the outside. Flip and/or rotate it slightly, so that it looks like the final image:

8. Fold the top point down and out.

9a. Unfold, and use the creases from Step 8 to create an inside reverse fold, using these steps. Remember when we folded it in half in Step 7? Let it open just slightly. Then use your finger to push the fold through. Use the creases from Step 8 as your guide.

9b. Finish the fold by pressing the head back together. On the right is another view to show what the finished fold should look like.

If this is your first time attempting this fold and you didn’t get it, keep trying. If worse comes to worse, just keep pushing the paper around. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of what’s supposed to be happening.

10. Now we have a head! Fold the end of the beak over and down to make it look more like a parrot beak.

Advanced folders: created an outside reverse fold for the beak.

11. YOU’RE DONE! HOORAY! If you let the little guy open up just a bit he can balance on your fingers.

As with all origami, folding takes practice! The more times you fold a model, the better you’ll get at it. Remember to always line up your edges and corners as perfectly as possible, and crease crease crease! And, of course, have fun. That is naturally the point of all Something New Sundays.


2 Responses to “Something New Sundays: Origami Parrot, Part Three.”

  1. 1 mr. ace

    My favorite is the intermittent exclamations of what all the individual steps look like. It’s a kite! It’s an ice cream cone! It’s a snake! It’s superman! It’s the Mona Lisa! And so on.

    • sometimes they get so lost, just because of those excited realizations. so adorable. I’m a little nervous about the 40-something number of kids today! eek!

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