future cups of tea to be had


Oooh man, guys. There are some exciting things brewing behind the scenes of tea@elevensies!! As you’ve already seen, Char has written the first post for one of our brand-spankin new weekly features, Favorite Thing Fridays. But keep your hats on, kids, because another weekly feature will be premiering tomorrow at 10am! I know, I know! It’s like we’re a REAL blog now or something, hehe.

There are a few other big plans waiting in the wings, which we’ll slowly be revealing over the next few weeks. We’re hoping to grow our readership quite a bit in the coming months, but we wanted to begin by giving
you guys
a great huge

You, our faithful friends and family members, have been so essential to helping us through our first few months of public blogging. The many posts you’ve read (we’re nearly to 100, can you believe it??), the comments you’ve written, and the thoughts you’ve shared have been great encouragement to us to keep writing. Quite honestly, we care about this little blog so much, and it just means the world that you guys keep visiting!

So…stay on the look out for these new changes, and keep reading, keep commenting, keep striving to make your life the one you want to live!


One Response to “future cups of tea to be had”

  1. 1 Kara McG

    Hehe, cute picture montage, ladies! 😀

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