Favorite Thing Friday: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


Welcome to our very first post of our new feature Favorite Thing Friday! Each Friday, Ash or me (Char) will post about something that has just really caught our eyes. Something that we find so awesome, we have to share it with you because it would be wrong to leave you in the dark. So here goes our first installment of Favorite Thing Friday.

We are big coffee drinkers around here. Like, my whole day is out of whack if I don’t start the day off with at least a sip of my morning cup of Joe. However, I am kind of a wuss when it comes to my coffee. I can’t handle those knock your socks off bold roasts so finding that perfect bean at our grocery store for our java fix has been a year-long ordeal of buying random beans trying to find the perfect one: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, several generics, some with were immediate No’s while others were fine for the moment. After a year, the search is over! We have found a bean that we can’t wait to grind up and brew! Let me introduce you to Kaldi’s Fair Trade Organic Natural High Whole Bean coffee.


It’s the best of everything. You’ve got fair trade so you know everyone in the coffee making process is being compensated for their time and labor. Then its organic so it’s good for you too! Being fair trade and organic means it’s pretty eco-friendly too. How can anyone resist such a friendly, well-rounded coffee bean? This is looking too good to be true, right? It must taste awful, you’re thinking.


Wrong! I can’t make a bad pot of coffee with this roast of Latin American beans! It’s a beautifully moderate three on the light to dark roast scale (one being the lightest and five being the darkest), which means its perfect for middle of the road me. Being a coffeehouse coffee, I expected this one to be too much for me to handle, but it was love at first sip for me and Kaldi’s. There’s that little bite as you swallow that I live, but it’s a love bite, not the harsh scratching of other restaurant/coffeehouse blends available in grocery stores. There’s no violent jumpstart like with those jumper cable blends, and it’s not so wimpy that you could drink it while your sleepwalking and go undisturbed. It’s a perk, like waking up on time, on your own well-rested instead of to a nasty alarm clock buzz.This coffee has a super clean taste and is such a great blend that its hard to put it into words what it taste like. The taste is that as a simple good, clean cup of coffee. No extra flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, or chocolate. Just a perfectly balanced blend of light and dark coffee that keeps me going throughout my day.


7 Responses to “Favorite Thing Friday: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee”

  1. YAY first favorite thing Fridays!!

    Sounds PERFECT. I’ve been trying to sort through grocery store coffee blends to find my perfect one, and I hope we’ve got this brand out here on the west coast! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Our on-campus coffeeshop has a deal with Kaldi’s, and I’m not sure if it’s just the baristas or the coffee itself, but I am not a fan. In fact, last October I was at the HighEdWebDev conference in Springfield, MO and the campus’ coffeeshop was a Kaldi’s. I’m pretty sure the espresso I drank was really bitter. But maybe their whole bean is good when drip brewed or french pressed?

    • Then again, I’m also a pretty big coffee snob. So. yeah.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Kaldi’s coffee when I get it in the coffeehouse. They have a lot of different brews so maybe they’ve just never brewed this one in any of the ones I’ve tried. I just saw it sitting on the shelf, never seen it in a grocery store before, and thought hey, I don’t like any of the others here, I’ll give it a whirl. Maybe I only like it out of my Wal-Mart percolator.

      And I’m not much of a coffee snob so I wouldn’t advise coffee snobs to go by what I say.

  3. 5 Liz

    Wow, it sounds amazing! Next time I am in Jeff City, we will sit on your patio and have a cup of joe. I typically go for the flavored coffees – my favorites are Foldgers Gourmet Vanilla Biscotti and Churchill’s Sinless Pastry. I also love Apple Butter coffee from a roaster in my hometown. I would gladly try this intriguing flavor!

    • When I stayed at Holly’s in February, she had some awesome generic flavored coffee that was AWESOME! Couldn’t find it here though, and now of course, I’ve forgotten what it’s called.

  4. 7 Liz

    I hate when I have typos….it’s actually *Folgers*…just had to clarify…

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