blog spotlight: because I made a promise


Sometimes, you just have to get out of your own stupid little world sometimes. To realize lots of things that seem so important, that cause so much stress and anxiety, that weigh heavily on your mind, that rank high on your priority list…that some of these things are nothing more than dust in the wind.


This is my friend Tommy, and a Ukranian child named Dasha. Tommy is currently finishing up his third trip of mission work in Ukraine—and has been learning, experiencing, and sharing on his blog many important things. I think his recent entries are especially worth reading. Here’s an excerpt from today’s:

The kids left 2 days ago. When they left, we were reminded of where they came from and where they must return. We heard stories of specific children and I looked around into teary eyes, the scene had been overtaken with empathy. We were told stories like Dasha (different one) and her sister who for the first half of their lives were forced to stay inside their one bedroom flat. They were deprived of the little things, like knowing what a staircase was, even when it resided right outside of their door. Or of Olec, who was thrown over a fence by his drunk mother, his baby brother barely to survive. Or of Alexi, who will be returning to his drunken father and drug addicted sister. Olona, who lives in a 1 room flat, only a couple meters squared, with over 10 people there, rotating floor space to sleep.

These kids are just bugs in this world. They are not seen for what they can become.. what they were MADE to become. And thus, they themselves cannot see past their own reality, what has been preached to them since the day they came into this world, with no choice as to who would be responsible for them.
But there is hope. That is my job.. our job, ordained by their Creator. To tell them otherwise. To love them regardless.

Saying goodbye was tough to do. You see, we give them the message of worth. We give them the message of love. However, we are only 10 days of their life before their life is un-paused. My prayer is that they remember how constant God is and how abundant his love and strength is, so that they understand their own potential and grow wings to flutter above their upbringing.

Go check out because I made a promise and, ultimately and most importantly, remember today how much of a world is outside of your tiny life.

Tommy, so many of us are praying for the kids, and for your team’s safe travel! Shalom.


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  1. I’m honored, Ash. Thank you. Much love.

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