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We went straight from Harry Potter Week to Quirky Movie Week at the Atchley household. Since Saturday, we’ve watched Once, You Kill Me, and Garden State. On the list of other movies to watch this week include Fight Club and Dear Frankie. The thing that makes quirky/indie movies great is how refreshing they are. They are usually completely unexpected, random, or completely original. They aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of humor or plot. Here’s the rundown of what we’ve got so far just in case you’re unfamiliar.

Once was such a sweet movie, but I would have loved it a lot more had I been able to understand everything that was said. There were a few moments that the actors mumbled, and it was hard to catch what they were saying. I have been meaning to see this forever, but never gotten around to it. Thank goodness for HBO! I love movies with unexpected endings, and this is unexpected. And of course that music! The music makes that movie hands down. Here’s a taste for you!

Quirky is the only word to describe You Kill Me. The humor is so dry. Who knew a movie about an alcoholic mob hit man trying to sober up would be so awkward and funny. This is a completely random story that I’m glad someone decided to tell. I’ve never seen Tea Leoni and Bill Pullman like this before, but they are brilliant. Check out the preview!

Garden State and Dear Frankie are of course two of my favorite movies of all time! Dear Frankie is probably the most original story I’ve ever seen. The ending blindsides you. Be prepared to cry. I don’t think I’ve shown this to anyone who hasn’t cried during this movie. True Gerard Butler fans must see this movie. Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses, and I think her character in Garden State is my favorite. Plus I just love Zach Braff’s humor. He’s brilliant. Still haven’t seen The Last Kiss, but I feel like I need to. Maybe I’ll add it to the list of movies to watch this week.

Fight Club is John’s favorite movie, at least one of his favorites. He’s currently reading the book for the first time and is itching to see the movie again so he can compare them. Am I sensing a guest blogger? Maybe? Maybe not? I’ve only seen it once and can’t wait to watch it again now that I know the cuh-razy twist.

What are your favorite quirky movies? Any recommendations for our in-house unofficial Quirky Movie Week?


7 Responses to “quirky movie week”

  1. 1 Liz

    Once is one of my favorite movies!! I think I watched it with the subtitles the first or second time just to make sure I knew what they were saying. I agree that the music is fantastic! I have the soundtrack and it’s wonderful. πŸ™‚

    • 2 Kara McG

      Ditto on Once being an awesome movie and the soundtrack being amazing! Love them!

  2. 1. DID I TELL YOU I GOT DEAR FRANKIE FOR MY BIRTHDAY??!! Mr. Ace said it was the best movie kiss he’s ever seen…it was just so real.

    2. DO. NOT. WASTE YOUR TIME ON THE LAST KISS. One of the worst movies I have ever EVER seen. I know, I know. It looked good, and interesting, and indyish, and worth a few hours of your life. IT’S ALL A LIE. Seriously, it’s just an awful depressing flick.

    3. Fight club is so awesome the second time.

    4. Also, on the Brad Pitt and quirky movies note, have you and John seen Snatch? It’s a favorite of Mr. Ace’s and I really like it too. You should also give In Bruges ago. Just, uh, not with your grandma around. πŸ™‚

    Sorry for the all caps spamming. This post raised some violent feelings in me, haha.

    • Also, Brad Pitt’s accent in Snatch is world-renowned for being impossible to understand! It’s hilarious, but definitely turn on the subtitles.

      • Oh, and if you liked Snatch you should see Rocknrolla! It’s done by the same guy, I think it’s Guy Ritchie, right? Anyway, I don’t even know why I liked it at the time, I just loved it. It’s so weird. Gerard Butler’s in it, and it’s just awesome!

    • YAY for getting Dear Frankie!!!!!! I’m so glad. And thanks for the tip on The Last Kiss. I hate wasting my time on crap movies. Snatch is one of John’s favorites. We own it. I need to watch it again.

      • Hilarious, Ace and I have already seen Rocknrolla. πŸ™‚ Apparently our men have similar taste in movies, eh??? Okay, so definitely try In Bruges. Colin Farrel is in it, and he’s just awesome.

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