tea@elevensies loves harry potter…


I think we should dub this the unofficially Harry Potter week here at tea@elevensies. Last night, Char and I both attended midnight premieres in our respective areas of the country (and YES, I was jealous that she got to see it two hours before I did! silly central time)…and I think it’s safe to say that we both are so in love with the new film. We’re working on a very exciting review (it’s going to be our first post here written ENTIRELY together), and I can guarantee you it will have academic and highly professional elements (such grand and practiced movie critics that we are), and it will also have plenty of squeeing and drooling and generally silly remarks.

Until then, check out New York Magazine’s Ranking of the 6 Films from riddikulus to brilliant. Whether you’ve seen the new one or not, what’s your ranking of the films? (If you tell us yours, we’ll tell you ours. Oooh, commenting incentive? hehe.)

Mr. Ace, his little bro, and me at the premiere, with our pretzel wands embellished with chocolate, candy, and nuts. Phoenix feather cores sold separately.


5 Responses to “tea@elevensies loves harry potter…”

  1. OotP is at the top. but it’s also my favourite book.

  2. 4 Melinda

    I loved seeing you guys with the Pretzel Stick Wands. I almost can’t tell the difference between the two brothers. Wow.

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